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Wemby Theory

Watching Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren is more fun than arguing about them

Who really clears whom after Wednesday’s Rivalry Week matchup? Well it all depends.

With Victor Wembanyama, there are no bad lobs

On-target lobs become easy buckets, but off-target lobs become assists? Adventures in testing the limits of simply throwing it up in the vicinity of Big Vic.

A dispatch from the Spurs’ wide-eyed present

And a plea to our future selves: no spoilers, please.

Victor Wembanyama asks, “Are they?”

And doesn’t much care if they are or not.

Victor Wembanyama makes a case for cherrypicking

The open scrimmage and preseason opener have given way to some early experimenting from the Spurs and their first-overall pick: Wemby Leaks!

Victor Wembanyama as the logical endpoint of Luke Kornet

A defensive trend among NBA bigs caught on with the new Spur while overseas and should be one of his more subtle, yet effective, ways of impacting games.