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Watch Kawhi Leonard snatch a career-high 7 steals

The Spurs' young stud continues to wow their fans with his play over the past month or so. Here's a quick tribute to his seven swipes in the Spurs' rout of the Warriors.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard is the best defender in the league.

The impact he has in his own end is just as great as the impact that the great offensive stars in the league bring on the opposite end of the floor. Is Steph Curry going off like a roman candle? Send Whi in to ruin the fun, smother the embers in his giant hands and then make sure everyone is buckled up for a safe ride home. Whi hates fireworks.

He likely missed too many games to pick up another trophy to put next to his Finals MVP hardware, but Leonard is making a late push for defensive player of the year with his absolutely terrifying, for the guy who has drawn Whi's attention, work on the defensive side. Here he is getting as many steals as the elite thieves in the league need three games to tally in just 24 minutes of play.