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Watch Kawhi Leonard score 15-straight 4th quarter points against the Grizzlies

The young star-in-the-making just keeps getting better. How many times have you had to raise the ceiling you put up for Kawhi?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies refused to go away during Sunday night's contest against the Spurs. After falling behind by 13 early in the third quarter, Memphis quietly hung around and clawed their way back in to the game to trail the Spurs by just four points heading into the final period. Then Kawhi Leonard took the game over.

In the Spurs' first possession of the quarter, the team went to Leonard on the left block against the physically out-matched Nick Calathes and Kawhi was able to draw a shooting foul. He hit the subsequent freebies.

This was followed by four minutes of Leonard burning Calathes and Jeff Green, with the only respite for Memphis coming in the form of a missed 18-foot jumper from Danny Green. By the time Kawhi hit a corner three to give him 15-straight, the Spurs owned a 10-point lead and were in firm control of the game. The Grizz wouldn't cut the lead to single digits the rest of the way.

About 15 games into his rookie season I though Kawhi could be an 18-9 every night and multiple-all-star kind of guy. In his second season I wasn't quite so high on the young fella' and thought he could be an elite defender and toss in 14 or 15 a game along with eight boards. I certainly didn't think he could be the primary option on a serious contender in that second season or during his third season, or even for the first 40 or 50 games of this season, but now, I'm done trying to figure out just how great Whi's offensive game can become. He clearly has the drive, youth and work ethic to keep improving for several more seasons. I'm no longer wondering if he can make three or four all-star games, now the question is, can he make the Hall of Fame?