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Manu's latest column for La Nación

Manu describes how he felt after winning the NBA Championship and how much he loved this team. He also seems confident that Tim Duncan will return next season.

Manu's column: "Something special" is going on

In his latest column, Manu discusses their birth plan, talks about the Spurs winning streak and how they are getting ready for the playoff run and waxes philosophical about social media

Manu: "I should be back after the All-Star game"

Manu talks about his rehab program, when he could return, the World Cup draw and his family on his latest column for La Nacion

Manu Ginobili's column in La Nación (Translation)

Manu talks about the Spurs' start, Thanksgiving in the US, Kobe's recovery, Luis Scola with the Pacers and his third son in his latest column.

Manu: "I was angry about it when Leonard arrived"

Manu discusses how he felt after the finals, why he hated the Hill-for-Leonard trade at the time and his relationship with Tim and Tony.

Manu isn't motivated by revenge

In this surprisingly candid interview with Argentine paper La Nación, Manu discusses feeling weak for the first time in his career, his thoughts on retirement after the Finals and how he would have reacted had he met Michael Jordan when he was a kid.

Manu: "It's very unlikely that I retire"

In his latest column Manu talks about the Finals and his plans for the future, which don't seem to include retirement