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Jacob Poeltl feels Spurs give him a much better opportunity to develop as a player

Translation provided by Andreas Barth of ORF.

A translation of the Spanish portion of Manu Ginobili’s retirement ceremony

Translating everything Manu said in Spanish at his retirement ceremony.

Manu Ginobili visited the slumping Spurs after the Rodeo Road Trip

Manu describes life as an observer in his latest La Nacion column.

Manu Ginobili is convinced he made the right decision

Manu discusses life in retirement and the state of the Spurs.

Translation: Manu Ginobili’s farewell letter to fans

Manu wrote a farewell letter and explained his decision in La Nación.

Manu Ginobili breaks down the Spurs season: “We had to deal with it”

In his first La Nacion column since the end of San Antonio’s season, Manu answers a lot of the questions that 2017-18 generated.

Manu Ginobili on the All Star Game: "They deserve it more"

Ginobili pens another in a series of heartfelt and insightful articles for the Argentina paper ‘La Nacion’.

Manu Ginobili on his return: “it’s an honor to be part” of the Spurs

The Spurs’ elder statesman says he still enjoys the game in his latest article for La Nacion.

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Manu won't "make decisions in the heat of the moment"

In his latest column for La Nacion, Manu talks about his plans for the summer and next year.

Manu Ginobili: “I still feel like I have a big role”

In his latest column, Ginobili looks forward to another NBA season.

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Manu Ginobili wraps up his Olympic experience

In his latest article for La Nacion, Manu Ginobili writes about the games in Rio, and looks forward to the NBA season in San Antonio.

Translation of Davis Bertans on Latvian TV

To learn what the new Spur has to say about his potential role on the team and his experience so far, here are some highlights from a recent interview he had on Latvian TV.

Manu: "There's a possibility of playing one more year"

In Manu Ginobili's regular article for Argentine newspaper La Nacion, he wraps up the year, looks forward to the summer, and talks about making his decision about next season.

Manu: Spurs have "much work to do" against Thunder

Spurs veteran Ginobili knows it will be a tough go against a healthy Oklahoma City team.

Manu: "I was just concerned about my health"

In his first article since his surgery, Manu Ginobili discusses the Spurs' chances against the Warriors, and his recovery timetable.

Manu: "Luck has not been a big factor this season"

In his latest column for La Nacion, Manu Ginobili talks about how well the Spurs are playing this season.

Boris wrote an open letter to his "brother" Tony

Boris Diaw wrote a heartfelt tribute to his longtime friend and teammate.

Manu: Spurs and Aldridge will adapt to each other

Manu talks about how the team is preparing to start the season and shares his feelings about his diminished role.

Manu: I can still contribute

In an interview with Argentine newspaper La Nacion Manu Ginobili talked about the factors that affected his decision to keep playing, his role next season and how he's preparing to face retirement when the time comes.

Manu opens up about his possible retirement

In his latest column for La Nacion, Manu Ginobili candidly discusses the possibility of his retirement.

Manu: "I will be bound to San Antonio for life"

Ginobili talks about the Spurs' surge and how he has learned to control his emotions and reflects on his career and his bond with the city of San Antonio in an illuminating interview with an Argentine newspaper.

Manu: 'We need to forget about last season'

In his latest column for an Argentine newspaper, Manu Ginobili discusses the Rodeo Road Trip and how the Spurs need to stop trying to be the team they were last season.

Manu: 'It seems we want things to come easy to us'

In his latest column, Manu addresses the Spurs' struggles, the differences between the East and the West and how important the Rodeo Road Trip will be for the team.

Manu: "I'm more calm and able to enjoy things now"

In his latest column Manu discusses the Spurs' start of the season and how his mindset changed after the loss to the Heat in the 2012/13 NBA Finals

Interview with enigmatic Boris Diaw (Translated)

He's an NBA Champion, European national Champion, photographer, gourmand, and all-around odd-ball. Not known to be the most forthcoming of interviews, his recent responses to a French journalist were candid and revealing.

Manu's thoughts on getting his 4th ring

In his latest La Nacion column, Manu talks about the ring ceremony, what Messina and Hammon provide to the team and which teams he considers to be contenders.

Manu wraps up the European trip

Ginobili gives us details of the Spurs' European tour as well as updates on his health and his opinion on the changes Argentine basketball is undergoing

Tony Parker is living a dream

Tony Parker sat down with Yahoo! France to talk about the Spurs' chance of repeating, France's World Cup performance, next year's Eurobasket tournament and if he thinks he's reached his peak yet.

Tiago's part as the Spurs bridge to the future

Manu Ginobili helped ease Tiago Splitter's transition to the NBA during his first years in San Antonio. Now secure with his place on the team, Splitter may play big brother for foreign players as they make the same transition.

Manu: "almost certain" Argentina career is over

A translation of the interview Manu Ginobili gave Argentine newspaper La Nación about the injury that's keeping him from playing for Argentina in the FIBA World Cup in Spain.

Full translation of Manu's La Nación column

Manu explains why he will miss the FIBA World Cup in his column for La Nación

Manu: the "injury clearly wasn't fully healed"

In his regular article in La Nacion, Ginobili goes over the events surrounding his stress fracture and his attempts to play for Argentina in the FIBA World Cup.


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