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The Spursiest

Tim Duncan: The Very Spursiest

Nothing like Big Fun’s most fundamental skill to cap things off.

Tony Parker: The Spursiest

Once defenses learned that the Wee Frenchman could shoot, he had to hone his other skills.

Manu Ginobili: The Spursiest

Manu’s game was flashy, but there’s one unflashy, underappreciated thing he did very well.

David Robinson: The Spursiest

We wouldn’t even have a "Spursiest" series without The Admiral setting the tone.

Boris Diaw: The Spursiest

Was anyone more Spursy than The Most Interesting Man in the World?

Danny Green: The Spursiest

Icy-Hot’s name may have come from offense, but his defense said even more about him as a player.

Bruce Bowen: The Spursiest

Bruce Bowen did one thing on offense, and he did it very well.

Sean Elliott: The Spursiest

Few players have loved San Antonio more than the one who still can’t stay away.

Avery Johnson: The Spursiest

When The Little General talked, everyone listened.

Patty Mills: The Spursiest

Next up in our Spursiest series: Patty Mills’ hustle.

Tim Duncan: The Spursiest

The first in a series focused on the best and most underappreciated skills displayed by Spurs.