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The Professor's Corner

It may not seem like it, but the Spurs are still tanking

This is more than just clickbait to view some charts tracking recent tanking teams.

Examining the trend of NBA superstars playing fewer minutes

Considering the dwindling playing times of NBA superstars, the new 65-game minimum for NBA awards makes sense.

What Keldon Johnson’s season says about his role for the future

KJ has shown he shouldn’t be a first option, but he should definitely be a part of their future plans.

A look at Devin Vassell’s improvement as a Pick-and-Roll scorer

Vassell is one of the most efficient scorers in the league.

A look at the Spurs numbers during the first quarter of the season

Examining how the Spurs perform each Quarter

Turnovers are the name of the game when it comes to youth and development

The Spurs have long been league leaders in avoiding turnovers, but with the emphasis on development comes an unfamiliar challenge.

What History Tells us about Late First Round Draft Picks

The Spurs have had success in the past and have more picks between slots 20-30 coming. Can they keep it up?

The Spurs have developed two of the best three-point shooters in the NBA

Keldon and Devin have joined the club of high volume 3-point shooters.

A look at the Spurs’ struggles in high-leverage possessions

Why are tough times real tough for the silver and black?

Josh Richardson’s Journey to the Spurs

Josh Richardson is the ultimate success story, but is he right for the Spurs?

Keldon Johnson and the art of the Spot up

How Keldon Johnson became of the the top spot-up shooters in the league.

An analytical approach to Lonnie Walker’s future with the Spurs

What measuring Lonnie against his 2018 draft class says about whether the Spurs should re-sign him.

The Triple Double in the Heliocentric Era of NBA offenses.

It’s the latest in the Professor’s Corner series.

Visually representing the Spurs first 30 games

Let’s visualize the "quant" of the season