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The Historical Spurs

What to expect from Spurs vs. Rockets

A Spurs-Rockets playoff series with a pair of MVP candidates? Seems familiar somehow…

Gregg Popovich versus the NBA’s all-time elite coaches: Roster Edition

Turns out that it’s hard to be exposed to many different players when three of the same guys take up roster spots for 15 years.

Gregg Popovich will give Dejounte Murray the playoff minutes he earns

San Antonio’s track record of evaluating their rookies has been stellar.

Kawhi Leonard joins another elite group

Spurs own a winning record against every NBA team

With the Spurs' win over the Blazers on Thursday night they accomplished something that just feels right for a team that has shown unbelievable consistency for decades.

Tim Duncan becomes 6th in all-time NBA rebounding

Not since Bird has their been a shooter like Kawhi

Elite shooters shoot, but don't do much else. Kawhi does everything at a high standard, and shoots with the elite. That kind of combination invites a pretty incredible comparison.

The Spurs transition defense is ridiculously good

Find out what happens when Gregg Popovich decides that one aspect of San Antonio's game is responsible for a playoff series loss.

Spurs on pace to set best effiency mark for a month

The Spurs have been putting up statistically historical numbers this month.

Spurs defense is as historic as Warriors offense

If not for the Warriors everyone in the basketball blogosphere would be flipping out over the Spurs start right now. Their defensive stats are that obscene. This might be their most under-the-radar season we've seen.

Spurs allowing record-low free throw attempts