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The Four Down Podcast

How will the Spurs defense improve next season?

At least we know that it can’t get any worse.

How will the Spurs offense improve next season?

Better three point shooting, an emphasis on ball movement and increased continuity should lead to improvement.

A deep dive into the San Antonio Spurs 2023-24 schedule

A detailed breakdown of the Spurs daunting schedule

The 2023 Hall of Fame class validates the Spurs’ Big Three era

All the "big-three" Spurs main characters have been enshrined in NBA history

Determining the Spurs’ best lineup

How the Spurs can build a good offense around Victor Wembanyama, and more.

Who will take the Spurs final two-way slot?

Roster questions take center stage in the middle of the offseason.

Determining how the Spurs will approach the new season

San Antonio will likely take one of two options.

Victor Wembanyama and his skyhook

Now we’re counting the days until we get to see it in action.

The Cameron Payne trade gives Spurs a roster solution, and another dilemma

San Antonio adds a much needed veteran point guard, but will have tough decisions to make with roster cuts.

Gregg Popovich and the best summer an NBA coach has ever had

There’s the Hall of Fame, a brand new massive contract, and an alien he gets to coach.

Geeking out over Victor Wembanyama’s performance

I forget, is scoring a point per minute good, or no?

The Summer League Spurs are taking teams apart

The young Spurs showed out at California Classic — before Wemby has even played a game.

Damian Lillard’s fit with the Spurs timeline

Should the Spurs remain patient, or push their chips in for a star?

There’s something profound going on with Wemby

The French phenom could give a TED talk on staying grounded.

How Sidy Cissoko fell to the Spurs

San Antonio won the Draft, and not ONLY because they had the first pick

How the Bradley Beal for Chris Paul trade impacts the Spurs

Plus more on Victor Wembanyama’s season ending, and second round draft prospects

How many points will Victor Wembanyama average in his rookie season?

How will the rookie big adapt to the NBA game, and will it suit him better than Europe?

There’s a gimmick in the French League Finals

Is it the team with Victor Wembanyama, or the team doubling him on every possession?

Discussing waived-Chris Paul’s potential fit with the Spurs

Reports have emerged that Chris Paul has joined the free agent market. What would he look like in Silver and Black?

Victor Wembanyama just showed up big in a big moment

A huge 4th quarter performance leads Mets 92 to the French Final and gives Wemby some clutch bona fides.

If the Spurs don’t move up, they could pursue Fred VanVleet

With draft rumors swirling, Four Down focuses on San Antonio’s options this summer

Gregg Popovich flies to France (to visit Wemby?)

Despite reaching a critical juncture in his career, Victor continues to play competitive basketball.

Spurs fans can finally kiss the “Boring” label goodbye

Never has a team won so much from losing so little.

Discussing the Spurs’ Victor-y in the NBA Draft Lottery

It was a perfect night.

What the Spurs could do with pick number two

Enjoy the inaugural episode of the Four Down podcast, as the boys discuss the NBA Draft Lottery.