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The Eras of Duncan

An examination of the changes in Tim Duncan's game over the three decades his career spanned.

How much the NBA values Tim Duncan’s career

Big Fun is in the Hall of Fame and I have the small-market blues.

Tim Duncan’s refusal to acknowledge his trash talk infuriated Kevin Garnett

Tim Duncan recently appeared on "Real Ones" with Raja Bell and Logan Murdock.

Eras of Tim Duncan: Rise of the Big Three

In the mid 2000s, the Spurs pivoted from a one-man show to ensemble, with Duncan remaining dominant while making room for two other All-Stars to produce.

Eras of Tim Duncan: The Most Valuable Years

Between 2000 and 2004, there was little Duncan couldn’t (and didn’t) do as the lone Spurs superstar.

Eras of Tim Duncan: A force from day one

The first part of a series examining each phase of Big Fun’s career.

The consistent yet ever-changing Tim Duncan

Big Fun majored on fundamentals, but which fundamental he used evolved over his 19-year career.