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State of the Spurs

The Spurs understand that patience is key to any rebuild

The Spurs will face the final stretch of the season with few veterans but a lot of youth and future assets, which is exactly what they need at this stage of the rebuild.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Spurs’ first 15 games

What we’ve learned about the Spurs through 15 games.

Analyzing the confusing state of the Spurs

The Spurs may be too good to bottom out, but is that enough for the long term?

How the Spurs addressed their biggest offseason questions

The Spurs did what they could with their free agents while addressing areas of need on the court.

The State of the Spurs’ Draft Picks: Devin Vassell

Can Vassell take advantage of being the first Spurs rookie in years to make the rotation?

The State of the Spurs’ Draft Picks: Tre Jones

Jones has a legit chance to earn a rotation spot this season. Can he take advantage and win the back-up PG job?

The Spurs’ mediocre season is a sign they need to embrace real change

Hopefully the lesson the Spurs will learn from this season is that the time to comfortably tread water has passed and the need to transition to the next era is pressing.

Five things the Spurs need to address this offseason

Free agents, contract extensions, and positional needs are all on the table.

Why the Spurs have to stick by Patty Mills through this slump

A look at the battle for the backup center spot, Lonnie Walker IV’s surprising success with the starters and why giving up on the struggling Mills would be a mistake.

San Antonio Spurs Mid-Bubble Review

Amidst 2-2 start, the young Spurs have shown a lot of promise for the future.

Everything you need to know about the 2019-20 Spurs before they head into the bubble

A complete guide to the San Antonio Spurs’ Disney World return

The Spurs need a new story to tell

A sense of inertia has settled over San Antonio in its first losing season of the century. As the losses pile up, it’s probably time for the league’s most reticent franchise to open up a little.

This is what follows serendipity

While closing the chapter on the Big Three Era, Monday’s ceremony reminded us that it took fortune, among other things, to help forge the Spurs dynasty.

Untangling the Spurs’ biggest offseason questions

A busy draft night, philosophical recalibrations, and Rudy Gay’s free agency all loom over a San Antonio offseason that’ll be as volatile as they want it to be.

The bottom of the Western Conference playoff race is heating up

The aftermath of the Spurs’ disastrous Rodeo Road Trip

In this week’s round table, the PtR staff looks at the state of the Spurs after a 1-7 RRT.

How the remaining strength of schedule will impact the Spurs’ playoff push

With the Raptors game in the rearview mirror, the Spurs’ remaining schedule puts them in a good position to make the playoffs.

The Spurs’ post-All-Star break To-Do list

With the playoffs just a couple of months away, here are some points of emphasis as the Spurs look to finish the season strong.

State of the Spurs: Slumping or hiccuping?

San Antonio has lost 4 of its last 7 games. Is that a bump in the road, or engine trouble?

How the Spurs fixed their struggling defense

A few adjustments can go a very long way.

Gregg Popovich has the Spurs exceeding expectations once again

After a terrible first quarter of the season, the Spurs have turned things around dramatically and now look like a playoff lock.

This Spurs team is fundamentally flawed

A lack of versatile personnel and a rigid philosophy that doesn’t make sense without Kawhi Leonard have combined to create arguably the worst Spurs team of the Gregg Popovich era.

Open Thread: Making some sense of the Spurs’ offseason moves

Hindsight is always 20/20, but is PATFO completely blameless for San Antonio’s current struggles?

How the Spurs fit into the NBA’s current trade market

With some big names hitting the rumor mill, San Antonio’s course should be clear.

Expect the Spurs’ November blues to continue

San Antonio isn’t doing itself any favors in what is the toughest stretch of its season.

The 10 most telling stats of the Spurs’ first 10 games

Parsing through various numbers that help tell the story of the Spurs’ 6-4 start to the season.

The challenges the post-Big Three Spurs will face

With unprecedented turnover and tempered expectations, the 2018-19 Spurs are for once just like any other team — a confluence of storylines trying to become something more.

How Marco Belinelli and Dante Cunningham can help the Spurs

The dust is finally settling after San Antonio’s hectic off-season, and the roster is practically set after some big shakeups.

The Spurs face a difficult road going from good core to great team

The trade that netted San Antonio DeMar DeRozan assured them of relevance but might prevent them from true contention.

The Spurs just took a massive hit to their “corporate knowledge”

The 2018 offseason is undoing one of the organization’s greatest and longest-running strengths.

The state of the Spurs as free agency begins

San Antonio has a lot on it’s plate this summer, and dealing wisely with potential free agents is a big part of it.

How to parse all the media reports on the Spurs situation with Kawhi Leonard

In an appearance on SBNation radio, J.R. Wilco breaks down the Kawhi situation, draft night, and the future of the Spurs.