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Spurs Youth Movement

How Lonnie Walker IV changes the Spurs just by entering the game

More Lonnie has been a good thing for the Spurs.

Lonnie Walker is using Pop’s criticism as motivation

Exactly how Pop drew it up.

Two players will be responsible if the Spurs improve this season

The consistency of this year’s roster could reveal just how good Dejounte Murray and Lonnie Walker are.

If this was 2018, Quinndary Weatherspoon could have started for the Spurs

Quinn has all the tools to contribute now, but the Spurs’ deep pool of guards will keep him in Austin this season.

How Keldon Johnson could help the Spurs this year

He already possesses some intangibles that make him more NBA-ready than it may appear.

Trey Lyles could be the Spurs’ latest reclamation project

There’s a lot to like but even more to work on.

Examining Luka Samanic’s fit with the Spurs of 2021 and beyond

If he can become a solid NBA defender and hone his offensive skills, Luka could be the Spurs’ PF of the future.

Chimezie Metu is a project whose time may never come with the Spurs

This season may very well be Metu’s only chance to show he belongs.

Since Lonnie Walker IV might be the Spurs’ future...

...minutes in the present sure would help.

Improved shooting could turn a healthy Dejounte Murray into a star

Health comes first, but the next step is for Murray to improve his jumper.

Davis Bertans needs to be more than just a shooter for the Spurs

Taking a look at improvements all the young Spurs can make.

More assertiveness with the ball will take Derrick White to the next level

Taking a look at improvements all the young Spurs can make.

Better decision-making off the roll will help widen Jakob Poeltl’s offensive impact

Taking a look at improvements all young Spurs can make.

Improved play at the rim could take Bryn Forbes to another level

Taking a look at improvements all the young Spurs can make.