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Spurs Playbook

Cross screen: the play the Spurs used to bury the Suns

Taking a look at the cross screen action that helped Victor Wembanyama dominate the end of the game.

Spurs Playbook: Double Stagger Ball Screens Opening Looks for Shooters

Doug McDermott’s big night against the Jazz came on a variety of looks, but one play stands out

How the Spurs pick-and-roll defense gave up easy points to the Lakers bigs

Even if the Spurs lacked a big who could defend Davis, their scheming still could have been better.

Why the Spurs’ starting unit is suddenly dangerous

A look at the Spurs’ continual poor execution in the clutch

Somehow the Spurs have gone 2-1 despite horrific execution down the stretch over the last three games.

The Spurs are adding new layers to their passing attack

One player in particular added to his abilities.

Trey Lyles showed the value of his versatility against the Magic

Even entirely unremarkable players have their value.

The future of the Spurs defense was on display against the Mavericks

And it’s brighter than you might think

How the Bulls stymied the Spurs pick-and-roll attack

The Bulls completely exploited how limited the Spurs offense is without LaMarcus Aldridge.

How Derrick White’s help defense led the Spurs to victory over the Pelicans

There’s some things the stats don’t show but are just as important.

The Spurs have to make their (open) threes

If the Spurs have an off-night from behind the arc, they’re probably looking at a loss.

How (and why) the Spurs still post up

Though the NBA has moved away from the paint, San Antonio still makes post ups work.

How the Spurs used their zone defense to upset the Raptors rhythm

The Spurs stopped the Raptors in the tracks with a zone defense in the fourth quarter, allowing them to rally.

How the Spurs slowed down the Greek Freak

With a little discipline, a lot of attention and even more luck

How the Bucks took away LaMarcus Aldridge’s pick and pop threes

Can the Spurs readjust the to Bucks’ adjustments on Monday?

The Spurs showed improvement against the Pistons’ zone defense

They weren’t perfect, but the Spurs showed improvement in attacking zone defenses against Detroit.

Not all of the Spurs’ stars should take more threes

An investigation into whether the Spurs stars should read Zach Lowe.

Forty seconds of Marco Belinelli being the perfect 3-and-D wing

Revel in 40 seconds of a Marco Belinelli 6-0 run — on BOTH ends.

How the Clippers zone defense forced the Spurs into bad decisions

The Spurs actually scored at a decent rate last night — when they got a shot up.

How Patty Mills and Jakob Poeltl are becoming the Spurs’ next great foreign connection

The ratings say these two should spend a lot more time playing together.

The Rockets late-game offense shows how much they respect Dejounte Murray’s defense

For anyone with doubts about DJ’s chops in his own end, look no further.

Why the Spurs needed a second chance to close out the Suns

The Spurs turned in another mixed crunch-time performance.

The Spurs’ late game execution against the Cavs was shockingly bad

The Spurs ended their loss to the Cavs with a pair of bad misses and some stunningly bad execution.

Why everything was topsy turvy in the Spurs win over the Kings

When good plays fail and bad plays become highlights.

How Lonnie Walker and Jakob Poeltl led the Spurs defense in victory

With Russell Westbrook’s help, of course.

Lonnie Walker’s play against the Pistons shows he’s ready for more minutes

In his last two appearances, LWIV has stood out.

How the Spurs are getting their defensive groove back

What one little rotation means for the Spurs’ season.

A detailed look at DeMar DeRozan’s poor defense

An examination of DeRozan’s lackluster D, only using plays from the Spurs’ last three games.

How the Spurs are handling double teams in the post

What’s working, what’s not, and how to improve

How the Spurs create space where there shouldn’t be any

The Spurs’ poor play isn’t the issue, it’s the lack of improvement

Being bad isn’t the problem, it’s not trying to be better.

What’s wrong with the Spurs starting lineup and what to do about it

The eye test says that Murray, Forbes, DeRozan, Lyles and Aldridge isn’t working. So, what change to make?