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Victor Wembanyama receives a welcome party, then an education

The first overall pick’s debut was marred by foul trouble, buoyed by a spirited run, and ultimately punctuated with a loss.

Amid the Spurs’ lottery march, a night of madness

Against the west’s best, the Spurs allowed themselves a memorable win, reminding fans to stay tuned through the season’s final month.

Patience will be key with the rebuilding Spurs

It will take a healthy roster and more than one preseason game to start seeing the "new" Spurs.

The Spurs are the anti-Pelicans

The NBA cognoscenti has some things to say about New Orleans and San Antonio, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Youth was on display in the Spurs’ close win over the Grizzlies

The future, uh, finds a way.

The Spurs beat the Nets going away

Lonnie Walker initiated another comeback and Patty Mills made sure it stuck.

The Spurs win over the Raptors featured Beautiful Basketball

Nice win, eh?

DeMar DeRozan’s duel with LeBron James broke a number of records

Milestones were set, shots were made, and excitement abounded.

DeMar DeRozan and The Weight of Expectations

In a season chock full of pressure for the Spurs new star, injuries have just turned it up to 11.

Examining the challenge of the Spurs’ final five games

San Antonio could keep their 50-win streak alive if they take the home stretch one game at a time.

Rudy Gay holds the key to postseason success for the Spurs

Roster strains hurt Spurs when it counts most

The team had been frantically plugging holes from injuries the entire season. Now it appears to be catching up with them.

The Spurs brace for a Western Conference brawl

With only two games separating the third through ninth seed, the Spurs have a fist fight ahead of them.

The Spurs’ streak of winning 50 games could come to an end this season

Taking stock before Spurs’ daunting Rodeo Road Trip.

The Spurs show off their trick shots and sea legs

San Antonio’s game against the Knicks featured some things you don’t often see.

Murray and Forbes benefit from SA’s Rubik’s Cube lineup

DJ and Bryn are gobbling up valuable minutes as the starters move in and out of the rotation.

Dejounte Murray steals the scene

The Spurs have been a true ensemble cast this season, but there’s one player who may be primed to break out.

The Spurs’ minutes restrictions keep forcing Manu Ginobili into hero mode

Easing Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker back into the lineup is causing some turbulence for San Antonio.

The Good Book of Manu Ginobili continues

The soul of the Spurs is still beating.

Spurs, Heat, smoke, and sweatshirt

Random thoughts and notes from San Antonio’s victory over Miami.

Davis Bertans is the next Spur in line

While Kyle Anderson is out with a sprained MCL, the Latvian gunner has a chance to define his role with the Spurs.

What the Spurs will miss without Kyle Anderson

SloMo was having a career season before he went down with a knee injury, and his loss will hurt San Antonio.

LaMarcus Aldridge’s story with the Spurs is still being written

A trilogy isn’t over after the second movie.

Tony Parker looks spry in emotional debut

The Wee Frenchman made it back from what some thought was a career ending injury and looks ready to lead the Spurs.

The Spurs brought veggies to the dinner party

The least empty-calorie team in the league settled in after Thanksgiving.

The rise and rise of Danny Green

Danny Green is playing the best basketball of his career

The bow-legged assassin has gotten league-wide notice for his defense, and he showed why on Friday.

The Last (Spurs) Jedi

San Antonio is making do without their strongest weapon, but there’s still a new hope.

Gregg Popovich’s trust and patience sets him apart

Past all the championships, awards, and accolades, it’s the heart of the man that separates him from his peers.

The Spurs should celebrate their slow pace

The 2014 "beautiful game" Spurs are long gone, and that’s okay.

The Spurs may never start a season with five straight wins

If Pop can’t do it with the Big Three, then...?

The Spurs may be returning to The Beautiful Game

With a revamped roster loaded with shooters and potential, something special could be coming.