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Zach Collins sheds light on Pop and the Spurs culture

The Spurs center peeled the curtain back just enough to give the listening audience a view into PATFO’s culture

San Antonio Spurs Documentary, Episode 3: Kawhi Leonard’s Story

Part 3 of a 5-part series discussing the rise and fall of the Spurs Dynasty

San Antonio Spurs Documentary, Episode 2: Gregg Popovich’s Story

Part 2 of a 5-part series discussing the rise and fall of the Spurs Dynasty

San Antonio Spurs Documentary, Episode 1: The Rise of a Dynasty

Part 1 of a 5-part series discussing the rise and fall of the Spurs Dynasty

How LaMarcus Aldridge finally won over Spurs fans

Talking LaMarcus Aldridge and all things Spurs with "Hoops and Talks" Podcast of Blazers Edge.

Rudy Gay discusses being booed in Toronto on Danny Green’s podcast

Listen to Rudy and Danny talk about the match-up, playing for Pop, and...steak.

Coach Bud: Gregg Popovich cuts through the BS

Mike Budenholzer recently appeared on The Woj Pod to discuss a variety of topics, including Coach Pop.

Is there really a rift between Kawhi and the Spurs?

J.R. Wilco is back on the Phil Naessens Show to discuss the Spurs and more.

The reasons LaMarcus Aldridge is playing so well

There are many of them, so it’s fun to talk about them all.

What to make of the Spurs extending LaMarcus Aldridge

Bruno Passos and J.R. Wilco discuss the Aldridge extension and other question marks for San Antonio’s season.

Transcript: R.C. Buford's emotional interview on Tim

The text of the conversation the Suprs' GM had with Adrian Wojnarowski after Duncan's retirement.

Former Spur reflects on Tim Duncan, the prankster

Duncan's former teammate dispels the illusion that Big Fun was boring off the court.

Listen to Tim Duncan's full farewell interview

Duncan touches on his Caribbean upbringing, college years, love for San Antonio, and more in this candid conversation with a childhood friend.

R.C. Buford: "Now, we're on our own"

In a podcast interview, Buford says more about what Tim Duncan is as a person than maybe anyone in the Spurs organization ever has.

Durant won't choose GSW over San Antonio

It's episode 13 of Superfluous Poppycock.

How good can Dejounte Murray be?

It's time for a conversation about the undeniable/debatable upside of the Spurs' 2016 first-round pick.

A chat with Tosh.0 writer Eddie Gossling

Eddie Gossling, a longtime stand-up comic and writer on Tosh.0, talks to PtR about growing up in San Antonio, what his job has in common with a basketball player's, and what it's like to work for a diehard Heat fan.

Will the Spurs try to keep GSW from breaking the Bulls' record?

In his latest appearance on the Phil Naessens Show, J.R. Wilco discusses the likelihood of the Spurs going all out in their two remaining games against Golden State.

What to do about the 'Durant to the Spurs' rumor

Saying goodbye to Joey Crawford

Phil Naessens and J.R. Wilco discuss the combative NBA referee and his history with the Spurs.

How will Miller and Martin fit in with the Spurs

J.R. Wilco and Phil Naessens discuss San Antonio's newest additions.

Why the Spurs are so good on back-to-backs

San Antonio is a perfect 12-0 in SEGABABA's this year, and there are a few good reasons why.

The Spurs defense requires Duncan and Leonard

The Spurs have won eight of their last ten, but they've struggled to put away bottom-dwellers like the Lakers and Suns because their defense has faltered without all of their pieces.

Why play Duncan tonight?

Tim's sat out 9 of the last 10 games, so what's so important about the Magic?

Why did Aldridge delete his social media accounts?

In J.R. Wilco's latest appearance on the Phil Naessens Show, LaMarcus Aldridge is the main topic of conversation.

What to expect from Spurs vs Warriors

In J.R. Wilco's latest appearance on the Phil Naessens Show, tonight's big game is the topic of conversation.

What the Spurs learned from the win over the Cavs

J.R. Wilco's weekly appearance on the Phil Nassens Show focused on San Antonio's latest landmark win.

Boban talks to ESPN SA radio about being a Spur

Danny will get all the leeway he needs this season

In J.R. Wilco's latest appearance on the Phil Naessens Show, Danny Green is one of the topics of conversation.

There is only one Boban Marjanovic

On the new year's first Phil Naessens Show, J.R. Wilco talks about the big Serbian and his impact on the streaking San Antonio Spurs.

ESPN says Duncan's career is superior to Bryant's

In the buildup to tonight's Spurs-Lakers game, ESPN examines the résumés of two of the league's superstars.

What do you see in the San Antonio Spurs?

J.R. Wilco makes his first appearance of the season on the Phil Naessens Show to talk about how LaMarcus Aldridge is fitting in, and to answer an unexpected question.