Pau Gasol will opt in for the 2017-2018 Spurs season

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Interviewed for a story in Sporting News, Pau Gasol indicated that he was happy to be a Spur and expected to exercise his player option for the 2017-2018 season.

“My intention is to continue here, and to be here as long as I can,” said Gasol, who will turn 37 before the start of the 2017-18 season.

This is good news for Spurs fans, since Pau has been a good player on the floor, but he’s also been great as a veteran leader on a team that suddenly has a lot of young players. He’s done his part to help the team transition away from the Tim Duncan era into the Kawhi Leonard epoch.


Not surprised because I don’t think he would get more money on the open market. This will however make it tough for the Spurs to sign Mills, Simmons and Dedmon back. Dedmon I fully expect to opt out of his contract since he surely can get more than 3 million a year based on his play and age.

The Spurs are going to have the most expensive bench in the NBA in 2017.

As long as Mosgov is in the league, that’s not possible.

Pau, Manu, Simmons, and Patty in 2017. $35-45M just in those four, perhaps.

In my opinion, Manu is gone, and so is Simmons, probably.

I’m surprised at how many people assume this isn’t Manu’s last season.

He’s going to take this year’s big payday and head off into the sunset after winning another title in June.

I like the sound of that.

I feel like Manu’s still having too much fun to walk away just yet. Maybe one more year and a chance to repeat and retire with as many rings as Jordan.

I’m not assuming anything. He plays until he doesn’t want to anymore. I doubt that Pop or any of his team mates know either.

Man I hope we can keep Simmons and Dedmon.

I’m not upset with this news. Pau was never going to replace Tim, no one ever will. But he has been there, done that, got the t shirt, and can provide a level head and a raft of experience- heavy words of wisdom to the young bucks on the team.
I wouldn’t be susprised if Patty took less than market value than stay with us, a la Danny Green.
Simmons needs to get a payday, and both he and Dedmon will have many suitors during the summer. There’s just something about how this team plays together that gives me hope, though, that money may become secondary, or they will at least be patient and get their big paychecks in a year or two.
Time will tell I suppose…

That was very nicely worded. .I’m hopeful as well. I’m a Spurs fan so I’m always optimistic that once players arrive in San Antonio, they don’t want to leave. Loyalty does exist in San Antonio. Manu’s payday demonstrates that. Of course I stand firm that Manu earned every red cent and then some.

will be very difficult

to find enough money for everyone; Dedmon probably will have offers around 50-60 millions 4 years. Mills 42-44 4 years.
Simmons around 36-40.
The only way to pay everyone is to stash again the draftee, Manu retires and a huge increment on cap number.
Remember that we don’t have Dedmon nor Simmons bird rights, then we need real cap space to sign both.
In 2 years is PO for Aldridge, Parker finish his contract, Pau finish as well and maybe then to lure some free agent.

I understand that Pau is getting up there in age, but assuming that Manu retires after this season, I still would like to have that mixture of veterans and young talent, and Pau would be nice to have as a veteran leader still. And he’s actually been doing alright this season.

Although I had wished to get better defense from him, I would be happy to see him still a Spur next year.

So we don’t get to experience the media speculating on the decisions of an NBA player who is indecisive?

Well no one ever said he wasn’t a smart man.

If DJM continues to develop quickly, as Kawhi has, he will be something next year and I can see Patty gone or taking less than mkt value to stay. And I love Manu’s steady presence, especially late, in these last few games. So I hope his health and desire let him return next year, also, but not at $14mil per. And if he’s reasonable and the stars align correctly and nobody offers Juice and Dedmon something too extravagant—like $10+mil each—perhaps we can keep them both. I would so hate to lose either…

Liking the Pau announcement for future suitors

I think this tells others in the league that Pop isn’t angry all the time and that San Antonio is a great place to play. No way we keep this roster together next year, so hopefully other good vet players remember this in their decision making process.

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