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PtR Nickname Dictionary

Here at PtR, we've developed our own language, embracing the quirks and eccentricities of our members, members who come up with some interesting nicknames for our beloved Spurs. To help everyone in identifying which player we are YELLING about in a game thread, I present you with a handy-dandy Nickname Dictionary.

Each player/team will have a list of officially recognized nicknames. Hopefully, this will continue to expand over the year(s), so feel free to drop CapHill a line if you've got an idea. All submissions will be reviewed and voted upon by the committee members (me) before being included in the Official PtR Nickname Dictionary. Basically, if we like it, we'll add it - the crazier, the better. However, please only send those that came naturally out of the insanity of the PtR collective.

I haven't always linked to the originating comment/thread, but linked to the most applicable. Follow these links to find more information and to be exposed to the insane history of this little blog. Enjoy!

Other Teams

Charlotte Bobcats

  • § Robertcats - This one goes back almost a year to one spurchief. Play on both the name of the Bobcats and their owner, Robert Johnson. Not well used, but very punny.

Dallas Mavericks

  • § Ponies - Based on the My Little Pony/Dallas Mavericks logo mashup. You may also use pretty ponies or MLPs some other variant. Follow this link to discover what people do when they have waaaaay too much time on their hands.

Denver Nuggets

  • § Moonmen - Compliments of bones' 4-year old. Much better ring than poop-nuggets.
  • § Thuggets - A term coined for the AI/Melo team, but still applicable (except for Chauncey). SiMA adequately describes the angst of those who are exposed to this Denver team on a daily basis.

Milwaukee Bucks

  • § Christmas Deer - This nickname for the Bucks is compliments of Lauri, who noted that the Bucks logo/coloring looks like a Christmas deer.

New Orleans Hornets

  • § NOOCH - I have no idea where this originated (Deadspin?), but it was the acronym used to refer to the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets. Noochies is also acceptable. Even though the team moved back to New Orleans, we still use it here, especially since Hornets' fans don't like it.

Oklahoma City Thunder

  • § Cowboy Thunderclusters - Yet another fantabulous nickname from the mind of Lauri, who found inspiration from a cookie. Much better than the bland Thunder or the retro Thundercats.
  • § Lauri Stalkees - This one comes from CapHill, who finds Lauri's fascination with Kevin Durant not only cute, but rather obsessive too.


Vince Carter

  • § Vinc Carte - Refers to that admitted quitter, Vince Carter. Started with jrw, and then (accidentally through a typo) given it's final form by CapHill.

Chris Paul

One of the most disliked players by PtRers, Paul warrants two nicknames that we like to think describe his game.

  • § CFlop3 - Varying spellings abound, but use this nick and everyone will know exactly who you're talking about. Originated with VWolf. For more on flopping, read this stellar FanPost by rick2g.
  • § CPunk3 - Variant on the above by jrw. Both of these nicks came about during the 2008 2nd round series with the NOOCH.

Dirk Nowitzki

  • § Irk - Based on Dirk's and the Mavericks inability to play defense. Used more prevalently in the past, as most PtRers reluctantly respect Dirk's game.
  • § Noringski - Refers to the lack of championships won by Nowitzki, and less vulgar than previous plays on his last name.

Jason Terry

  • § Paper Airplane - Coined by pollackj to reflect PtR's collective disdain for Terry and his on-court antics. Probably the second-most hated player by these Spurs fans.

Serge Ibaka

  • § Sir Chewbacca - Coined from what rick2g's wife thought she heard the announcers call him during Bonner's 7-7 three point barrage early in the 2010-11 season.

Shaquille O'Neal

  • § Mr. Irrelephant - From an brillian FanPost by rand. An instant favorite, and the only time I've ever GOL'ed while reading a new nickname.

Carmelo Anthony

  • § Carmela - BlaseE made a minor typo, which led to PtR-style craziness. Mela is also acceptable.

The Spurs

For the Spurs, we've also included those nicknames from previous Spurs that we still refer to on a regular basis.

Gregg Popovich

  • Pop - Ubiquitous, and used nationwide. Not limited to PtR, but used extensively.
  • § GOML - Get Off My Lawn! Referring to Pop's wonderful crankiness (especially with Craig Sager) that appeals to so many at PtR. The references go back a ways, showcasing the genius that occurs in PtR threads.
  • § §Extraneous G - Coined by LatinD during his expedition to the US. It's just a funny reference to the spelling of Gregg.

Jacque Vaughn

  • § The JV - Refers to Vaughan's less than varsity skills, although Pop often lauded him for his "veteran savvy". Coined by rick2g.

Ime Udoka

  • § Fatality - Surprise - this one seems to come from Hipuks. To understand it, you need to read this story - it's unbelievable.

Tim Duncan

  • § GOAT PUFF - Stands for Greatest Of All Time Power Forward - compliments of Aaronstampler. This post also contains some nicknames for old Spurs that are no longer used, but still hilarious (i.e. Mango Tree).
  • § Timmeh - References to this alternate spelling of Duncan's first name go all the way back to 2005. It has gained in popularity over the last year. Other variants include Timmy and Timmay.
  • § Big Fun - An abbreviation of the longest nickname Duncan is known by: The Big Fundamental.

Manu Ginobili

  • § Obi Wan Ginobili - Based on the excellent chop job done by Ben Ortiz. The nickname has been around the interwebs since the 2005 championship run.
  • § The Chemist - The most recent PtR nickname, coined by BlaseE and given a thumbs up by jrw.
  • § The Sickness - This nick came from the original blogger sungo. It actually started before the advent of PtR.
  • § The Man with No Swagger - The wonderfully descriptive moniker given by janieannie in one of her fantabulous Photo Recaps. Further memorialized by transgojobot in this otstanding chop.

Tony Parker

Kawhi Leonard - Kawhisenberg - After two plus years in San Antonio, no appropriate nickname had surfaced. And then this happened. Combining the brutal awesomeness of Breaking Bad with the understated effectiveness of # 2 was a master stroke. More like this, please.

manu ginoBili patty Mills marco beliNelli - Bili MiNelli - When the Spurs added Marco Belinelli in the summer of 2013, and promoted Patty Mills from towel-waving end-of-the-bench guy to backup point guard, Manu got just the help he needed to make the 2nd unit great again. And that's when Bili MiNelli was born. You can blame it on the rain, or you can blame it on

Richard Jefferson

  • § Rage - Coined by our ex-fearless leader, WVATS. Despite the initial reticence, it has caught on like wildfire.
  • § Tiny Ears - Another one from Hipuks that shouldn't need explaining. Mini-ears is used by srf from Down Under.
  • § RJ2.0 - Coined by freshtunarightofftheboat when it was evident that the 2009-10 version of RJ had been laid to rest and the man wearing the # 24 jersey was an entirely different player.

Michael Finley

  • § Billy Ocean, a.k.a Caribbean Queen - Not widely used anymore, but aptly explained by jrw.
  • § FinPerro - At one point in time, PtR referred to everyone as "Dog". This English-Spanish hybrid is much cooler and was given to us by BlaseE.
  • § Zombie - Finley, like the rest of the Spurs, is old. It wasn't until we read this "article" from scrappy-doo that we realized that Michael is not old, but actually one of the living dead.

Matt Bonner

  • § Bon-Bon - You'd think this was just a cute shortening of Matt's last name? Actually no. bones started this, in reference to a certain Ricky Martin song. The "super" has subsequently been dropped.
  • § Winter Shoes - First mentioned in this podcast that featured bloggers from 48MoH, Project Spurs, and our own jrw, who came up with this for Bonner because playing a 3pt specialist like him rotation minutes is like "... wearing your winter shoes all year long because they're your best shoes. Sure, they keep the snow and rain out, but they sure do stink when it gets hot."
  • § Ginger - Another creation of sungo, but one that shouldn't need an explanation.
  • § Mudbutt - This nickname originated with Aaronstampler's epic post and is explained in great detail by jrw.
  • § Rouge - Rarely used, but deserves mention strictly for the little o's line of "Rage, Rog, and Rouge".

George Hill

  • § Albatross - Yet another original from Hipuks, complete with photo. It refers to Hill's large wingspan.
  • § Cubits - Also refers to Hill's ginormous wingspan, originating with this caption by WVATS (the original George Hill fanboy). Adopted by jrw and LatinD. Has overtaken Albatross as the preferred nickname for George by the men on this site.
  • § Cubits Ninja Bot - The insane Halloween costume from WVATS. Can also be shortened to Ninja Bot. Please feel free to refer to this photo at all opportunities.
  • § Ooey Pooey - Did you know that George went to IUPUI? During his rookie year, the announcers never failed to mention it, so this was a alternative spelling of George's alma mater. Not used as much in his sophomore year because the announcers have short attention spans.
  • § Sir Hotbod Handsome Face - Lauri comes up with another winner, which can also be shortened to "Sir Hotbod", neither of which need further explanation. Certain men on the site may have objected, but the women won out.
  • Georgeous - A nickname worthy of the Renaissance from p2cat. Seconded by all women everywhere.

Roger Mason Jr.

  • § Mace - This originated with a suggestion of "Mace Windu" from docjohn, based on the Samuel L. Jackson Star Wars character. This was quickly shortened to "Mace" and has been in use ever since.
  • § ROMAJU - ROger MAson JUnior. Another one courtesy of srf. Here at PtR, we love those crazy acronyms.

Antonio McDyess

DeJuan Blair

  • § Blair Force One - Coined by FreshmakerDTM and the early consensus for the official PtR nickname. But it was not to be.
  • § DeBeast - What has turned out to be the official PtR nickname, courtesy of Gino20. Confirmed by SAM to be the Spurs' nick for DeJuan.

Keith Bogans

  • § Bogeyman - Started by Tim C., a take off of "boogeyman".
  • § DOOM - Another submission from Tim C., who apparently likes to chop Keith's head onto random images.

Theo Ratliff

  • § Ratfill - Recent addition to the dictionary via agutierrez. One of those beloved typos (loved by jrw) that turns into PtR gold.
  • § The Rat - This moniker first shows up in a Big50 comment. "The" with a capitalized T is now required when using the nickname.
  • § Youngevity - LatinD gets the credit for this one, as he introduced PtR to this website. We also like to use Oldgevity for when Ratliff and McDyess on on the floor together.

Malik Hairston/Marcus Haislip

  • § Hairydog - Courtesy of SinCitySpur, with some other suggestions in the thread.
  • § Har-i-ston - Noted by CapHill, but compliments of some announcer incapable of pronouncing Malik's last name in a preseason game.
  • § Ma Hais - Haislip doesn't have his own nickname yet, but Spurlady coined this doozy of a moniker for the HVC duo.

Garrett Temple

  • § Legends of the Hidden Temple - Great chop from completely deck that came out of left field in a game thread. Great use of a children's game show.

Gary Neal

  • § The Nail - Neal's reputation as a gunner led to this gem from indiancharlie.
  • § Curly - First coined by Este in homage to the Globetrotter, but In the 666 has been relentless in the preseason game threads.