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This page exists because of a typo. single keystroke was missed. That's all. But it was missed in such a way that the man who first began Pounding the Rock, Matthew Powell, AKA sungo, enjoyed the misspelled word so much that he decided it should be kept it as this site's official spelling of that word. Everybody got on board, using the new word with a glee that rivaled the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning.

From that point on, I started collecting certain words and phrases (a misspelling here, a well-turned phrase there) and I'd use them and link to the original for fun. Eventually, I was congratulating anyone who had a typo that was particularly eye-catching and fun to say or use. The term The Lexicon started being thrown around, with me as its supposed keeper. It began to snowball. Other users started telling me every time they found the slighest silly mistake.

Everybody started paying attention, not only to what was said, but whether it was said correctly and well. Had good typing become cool, or had we all gone mad? It was probably a bit of both. But I agreed to put it all together for the entire site to enjoy. It sounded like fun and I felt up to the challenge.

It's now ten months later, and the Lexicon itself has become a byword. A joke. A term that invokes chuckles and references to things that will never be. Or maybe the jokes were at my expense. It's best to be clear on this point: the jokes were definitely at my expense. But that's fine. Now it's completed, and I hope the words The Lexicon retain their former glory.

Not that this will ever truly be completed. It's a work in perpetual progress. Clumsy fingers will continue to betray their owners. People will keep saying one thing when they mean another. The brilliance of a word aptly spoken will bring light to the dimness of a evening that ended in a Spurs defeat. And we will keep on laughing at ourselves, and each other.

I've done my best to include all of the terms that have seen use, and some that haven't but should have. If I've left out one of your favorites, please let me know, and I'll happily add it to this, your PtR Lexicon.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed putting off finishing it seeing it finally posted.

- J.R. Wilco

"The lexicon is a myth… an urban legend, if you will. Nobody’s convinced me that it exists." - Tim C.


We have our own language at PtR. People around here say weird things when they think something is funny. They make odd references to numbered South American dinosaurs, they carelessly throw around acronyms that aren’t found in any of the web dictionaries, and occasionally they seem to spell things incorrectly – on purpose. If you've ever tried to figure out what in the world a SEGABABA is, wondered why no one can remember that outstanding is spelled with a u, or searched in vain for the definition of something you've seen referenced on PtR, then you’re in the right place.


When using one of the terms found below, please use italics, especially when making use of anything in the Typos section. This way, no explanation is necessary (i.e. "Yes, I meant to say 'otstanding. That was not an accident.'") Also, you're encouraged to link directly to any of the individual entries as you reference; they're all anchored and ready for use. Simply right click the § before the term and copy the link to drop into your comment and you won't have to scroll to find the entry.


Here's a word cloud, representing the most used Lexicon terms by size. It's educational, isn't it?

We at PtR appreciate excellence. We're fans of the Spurs organization as much as we are of the players. And that organization, from top to bottom, strives to win while also maintaining a level of professionalism and class that stretches down into the kinds of players they sign to wear the silver and black. Are they quality basketball talents who play offense as well as defense? Do they have off-court issues, or are they good people? Are they coachable? As fans of the Spurs, we identify with this aspect of the team and appreciate the effort and preparation required to carry it off.

There is, however, one place where we not only tolerate failure, but actively celebrate it. And that's in the arena of typographical errors. Peruse them all, pick out a favorite and reference it yourself in conversation. Believe me, there are plenty to choose from. But be careful when you comment, because you never know when that carelessly edited post could be your next contribution to The Typos.


§ otstanding - outstanding - This, the firstborn of all of our intentionally misspelled words, was conceived by LatinD's subconscious, causing him to be the first to skip the u. Here's the one that started it all, folks. Patient Zero, if you will. Those who follow the link will see that David immediately follows up his error with a correction (in less than a minute) and his mistake isn't even noticed for over twenty-four hours. As the rules governing the Lexicon developed, it was eventually decided that if you found and corrected your error yourself, then you were safe. If you left it for another to find, however, it was considered an official submission to be considered by the committee. Luckily for PtR (and J.R. Wilco) those rules were nonexistent at the time, and the seed that would become The Lexicon was planted.

§ amazine - amazing - Four short months later, Wayne Vore (PtR's managing editor at the time) followed up with two of his own contributions in the same comment.

§ brillian - brilliant - The second of two typos Wayne dropped into the same post. Nice to have lots of adjectives available to use.

§ psot (pronunciation key: the "p" is silent) - spot, usually used in reference to one on a roster - KA1Z3R contributed this particular entry when he meant to type spot. This term was also defined and turned into an acronym (Player Sitting On Tush) by LasEspuelas here.

§ limutes - Tim C's accidental mash-up of "limited" and "minutes" from the days when he was still known to PtR as rikiddo. It's first found in the Nando De Colo passage of this post.

§ Poing guard - originally: Mr. Ten Million dollar poing guard man, AKA Tony Parker - Currently used for any point guard. alamobro improbably has two worthy typos in the same comment, also giving us the next entry.

§ tactice - a repeated or customary action: practice - alamobro falls victim to his self-declared "clumsy fingers."

§ superstart - a player who could start on any team - Wayne submitted this entry while waxing eloquent about Nando De Colo's superior court vision.

§ defesivily - spursfan87 not only dropped the n from defensively, but also neglected the e. The result is not easy on the eyes. This term still needs an alternative definition.

§ profit -instead of prophet - Manuwar (formerly speedostuffer) falls prey to the dual traps of a) ignoring the preview button, and b) referring to something that wasn't done, but would have been cool if it had been. SiMA's response puts this one over the top.

§ sad decent - J.A. Adande exposes his ignorance (and that of his editors) by dropping this one into our lives even though he's not a SBNation commenter -- that we know of.

"I take my bets that the Spurs win a championship before JRW finishes the Lexicon" - the little o

§ banded - the past tense of banned - Submitted by SiMA while pretending to drop the ban hammer on bones for an unintentional double entendre.

§ Highsight - hindsight - unfortunately, the original post was edited (by someone) back to the more commonly used "Hindsight ... is 20-20." So I'm forced to link to the initial responses to LatinD's "other" addition.

§ Tim Kness (Mr. Kness: fictitious equipment manager for the Spurs) - This one by Manu-20 took on a life of its own. Literally. A man was invented in response to his unnecessary capitalization and doubling of the wrong letter.

§ a conscience effort - a conscious effort - Spellchecker doesn't always help you say what you mean, as olf learned after submitting this beauty.

§ ogiti - bellasa invents her own word for "photo" while trying to mow down Wayne.

§ gowning on trees - Not even the Lexicon gatekeeper is immune, as J.R. Wilco bungles the phrase "growing on trees" and a series of wacky images is posted as a result.

§ vestive (as in vestive of productivity, and vestive of hope) instead of vestige. Can't a wangalusa catch a vestive break?

With playing time for the big three and keeping the starters (and Manu) fresh for the playoffs at the top of Pop's priority list, winning - and winning big - looks to be a huge issue this year. So, why use point differential when you can try out the newly minted margin of victor (and it's WNBA variant: margin of victoria).

§ brining it - bringing it - CapHill joined the gang of Lexicon contributors as she attempted to compliment BlaseE and Lauri. Lauri replied with the below image.


§ nothin I can't candle - this one comes to us thanks to a tweet from DeJuan Blair, who creates a typo that brings strange images to mind each time I read it.

§ roaster - roster; specifically one of a sub-par team - another Fred Silva entry in the Lexicon? You'd better believe it.

§ grater - another adventure in typology from NON-English major, olf.

§ Oppenent - Any NBA basketball team that fears a squad composed of Super-stars (definition by alamobro) (translation of Ron's entire tweet by BlaseE). Ron Artest joins the ranks of contributors.

§ theorgy - I have a slight idea of what Aaronstampler was thinking of when typing up this FanPost, and I'm frightened.

§ wink link - Generally, replying to yourself immediately after posting a typo (or at least before anyone else replies to you) will be regarded as a withdrawal of your submission from consideration to be included in The Lexicon. In this case, however, Fred was unlucky that his typo a) rhymed well b) was quite catchy and c) was immediately recommended for entry by three members of PtR's "staff." Sorry, Fred, but that's a lot to overcome.

"He's never gonna finish start the Lexicon." - swgeek

§ privledge - privilege - Am I really heartless enough to include someone's typo from a comment in which they not only quoted but agreed with me? Well, when the perp is bellasa, someone who's promised to never question my judgment, I suppose the answer is, yes.

§ ballocks - Just, absolute ballocks. Courtesy of The Augustus

§ Commentor Vangelis - he who knows all, where Greek big man prospects are concerned.

§ Ice thrown - ice throne - Wayne mentions Gervin's famous ICEMAN poster by using the wrong homophone, and then corrects the original. Leaving us nothing but our responses. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

§ victoly - silverandblack_davis has but this lone submission in this section. But I see no reason to be sad about that. On the contrary, I consider it a victoly.

§ slup - a period of poor play that is worse than a "slump", according to LasEspuelas.

§ hq/HEADQUARTERS - ha/HAHAHA - It turns out that, "ha" can easily be rendered "hq" by accident. And once you're comfortable typing "hq" when something's funny to you, then you're quite close to replying with "HEADQUARTERS" when you think something is hilarious.

§ manman - madman - Right after finally posting the Lexicon, J.R. Wilco drops this typo into a post discussing the Lexicon. All present immediately called for it's inclusion.

§ jump shooing - It's the summer after Blair's rookie season and grego21 is concerned for the Beast's development of his ability to leave his feet and effectively make people leave the area. Either that, or he inadvertently omitted a "t". It's one or the other.

§ whip flash - whiplash - Not to be outdone by Artest's oppenent, our own George Hill dropped whip flash in a tweet during the offseason before the '10-'11 season. While the Lexicon committee originally questioned its inclusion, several proponents, led by BlaseE, soon won their case by proving just how flexible this term is.

§ Ginolili - variant of Ginobili - In the excitement between the announcement of the end of the lockout of 2011 and the signing of the new CBA, J.R. Wilco contributed a new typo to the Lexicon, and may have given Manu a new nickname at the same time.

"Maybe your Lexicon will come out at the same time as Duke Nukem Forever." - Hipucks

The history of anti-lock braking systems is an interesting one. Originally developed in the twenties for aircraft, it was all but ignored by the rest of the transportation industry. One of the earliest systems, Maxaret by Dunlop, is still used today. Eventually, these systems were designed and installed in large trucks (in 30's and 40's), motorcycles (in the 50's), and a variety of different vehicles. But it wasn't until the late 80's (after the Ford Granada became the first worldwide release to be fitted with an anti-lock braking system as a standard feature) that the term ABS entered into everyday speech.

For such a useful and life-saving invention, its acronym has not served it very well at all. Even today, after nearly thrity years in the mainstream, you'll still see and hear people use "ABS brakes" and "ABS system" even though both brake and system are already covered in the acronym itself. Thankfully we don't see this with the PtR acronyms very often, although it's not unheard of. Please, let the acronym do its job and save you time and typing. Avoid the trap of talking about the FARS system or the FOGAFINI game. Do it for the keyboards, people.


§ BABA - (Back to Back) The building block for the ever-growing section of acronyms to describe the vagaries of the NBA schedule. With the proliferation of this class of terms, "BABA" is showing up increasingly instead of the more widely recognized (and longer to type) back-to-back. SiMA has the first usage in a 2008 pre-playoffs rant.

§ FIGABABA - (First Game of a Back to Back) - First used by BlaseE.

§ SEGABABA - (Second Game of a Back to Back) - The origin of the species. The one that started it all. Coined by sungo in a 2005 Game Preview.

§ Triple Lindy - Three games in three nights (only seen in strike/lockout shortened seasons) - While not an acronym at all, this brainchild of Wayne Vore fits in this section because it saves us from having to try to type "back-to-back-to-back" or use the ugly looking BABABA. Named for Rodney Dangerfield's dive in the movie Back to School.

§ THIGAFONI - (Third Game in Four Nights) - theonlyromeo coined this in the game thread of an early 2010 match up with the Pistons. Formed by following a BABA with a rest day, then another game. Or having a game day, then a rest day, followed by a BABA.

§ FOGAFINI - (Fourth Game in Five Nights) - The last game of two back-to-backs in a row, with one rest day between them. First used in the title of a Game Recap by Aaronstampler.

§ FOGASINI - (Fourth Game in Six Nights) - Two completely different formations: A) game day, rest day, BABA, rest day, game day, or B) BABA, then two rest days followed by another BABA. First used by sleep research facility in a December 2010 game thread.

§ FIGASINI - (Fifth Game in Six Nights) - (only seen in strike/lockout shortened seasons) The unholy spawn of David Stern and Billy Hunter's procrastination and indecisiveness. Made up of a Triple Lindy that's either preceded or followed by a rest day and a BABA.

§ FIGASENI - (Fifth Game in Seven Nights) - The dreaded one. The worst of them all. The most games the league schedules in such a short period of time: five games played in seven days. These are made up of a BABA, a rest day, a game day a rest day, and then another BABA. First used by Tim C. (as FIGASEDA, because of a day game) in early 2010.

§ GOL - (Guffaw Out Loud) - Coined by J.R. Wilco - Usage guideline: should only be typed when an audible spontaneous involuntary response to humor occurs.

§ RRT - (Rodeo Road Trip) - First used on PtR by sungo - Since it's hard to have home games when your arena is hosting the best rodeo in the nation, every year (just after mid-season) the Spurs go on the road, shore up their defense, and usually go on a win streak.

§ TWSS - (Thats What She Said) - It can fit in almost every situation.

§ OMFB - (One Man Fast Break) Tony Parker's specialty. Coined by J.R. Wilco right after he joined PtR.

§ TQC - (Third Quarter Collapse) - LatinD was rocking this one back in early '08. It's since come into vogue to replace the "Third" with "Random", but it's the original that still charms the Lexicon committee.

§ JTU - (Jollyrogerwilco Thumbs Up) - Started by J.R. Wilco as a satirical attempt at creating a meaningless award to virtually hand out for bon mots, and ended up being used by people whose names don't even start with "J".

§ GINO - (Gentleman In Name Only) - Found by Tim C. Used to describe a person no one is really fond of.

§ CADTWNHMS - (Crazy Arguments/Discussions That Would Never Happen Mid-Season) The first of the intentionally ridiculously long acronyms (IRLA, anyone?) was coined by J.R. Wilco for a series that is still growing to this day (#1, #2, #3, #4) That being said, this acronym is now a misnomer since silverandblack_davis has been posting CADTWNHMS-themed game previews since the beginning of the '09-'10 season. Go figure.

§ URA - (Unbridled Rebounding Aggression) - A metric used to describe DeJuan Blair's rebounding effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 10. Phrase coined by silverandblack_davis (even though it was posted in Tim C.'s name) in the Game Preview of the Spurs vs. Olympiacos Piraeus in the preseason of the 2009-2010 season. Turned into a metric and acronym by J.R. Wilco here, and discussed at length. [Editor's note: this is a truly exceptional preview. This whole post deserves a read, as it was the first of davis' EPIC PREVIEWS, and is also completely hilarious.]

"Unbridled rebounding aggression personified" - silverandblack_davis

§ FARS - (Fred's Arbitrary Rating System) - Fred Silva created his own way to "prove" that Matt Bonner stinks what he thinks is backed up by statistics. First used to in a Game Recap versus the Bucks

§ HBF - (Human Block of Flesh) - Describes the type of largeness that DeJuan Blair has been blessed with. Originated by Cedarpark in his FanShot on Blair.

§ BAM - (Bad A$$ M11s) The bench of the 09-10 Spurs was reckoned to be, before the season began, among the best in the league, and therefore worthy of a nickname of equal strength. That nickname was immediately acronymized in order to protect any delicate sensibilities and to preserve the site's PG rating family-friendly values.

§ BBIQ - (BasketBall Intelligence Quotient) first used by Jones about Tolliver.

§ GOOMB - (Get Out of My Brain) - Originally GOMB, Get Out Of My Brain comes from Lauri.

§ ATUWTFTFISN - (Ability To Understand What The F* The Foreigner Is Saying Now) LatinD's travelogue wouldn't be the same without him rating everyone he met on his capriciously fabricated scale.

§ NTTAWWT - (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That) - from Seinfeld, of course, and shortened to an acronym by J.R. Wilco in a conversation about the not-quite-lexicon-ready acronym GWS (Game Winning Shot.)

§ GOOMTA - Phonetic spelling of (Great Minds Think Alike) coined by CapHill.

§ CLAPS - (Core Leaders Anticipation Performance Storyline) rand's system for rating the collective fan-ugliness of each team.

§ ICS - (Incredibly Contrived Acronym) coined by rand to describe the above acronym.

§ PATFO - (Popovich And The Front Office) coined by J.R. Wilco after finally getting tired of not having an easy way to refer to Pop, RC and the rest of the brains that make the Spurs' engine tick, off the court.


§ LWM - (Life Without Manu) a period of time during which Manu Ginobili is dressed in street clothes during games, generally, and almost always, due to injury. Coined by Matthew Tynan (and defined here) after Ginobili broke his hand early in the lockout-shortened 2011-2012 season.

§ STTOTTM - (Spurs Time The Only Time That Matters) also known as US - Central Time, or UTC-06 (by the way, when did UTC replace Greenwich Mean Time [GMT] and why was that even necessary?) First used by J.R. Wilco here.

§ DRI - (Direct Referee Intervention) an event without which the "better team" (team playing better, more deserving team) would have won. DRI is not a single bad call or stretch of calls, but instead a steady and persistent deluge of bad officiating that would make the vast majority of disinterested fans watching conclude that someone somewhere had decided that only one team would be allowed to win. (Think Miami over Dallas in the 2006 Finals) Used by J.R. Wilco here.

§ ASAKOW - (Assuming San Antonio Keeps On Winning) - First used to describe how many of the "Assuming San Antonio (fill in the blank)" acronyms are formatted. Now used regularly to qualify a point made about prospective future playoff matchups, while still in a playoff series that has yet to be decided. Coined by J.R. Wilco here.

It's not enough for us to mock misspellings to the point where we use them in honor of the perpetrator, who can end up wearing them like a purple heart. (And it's not like every little typo is treated this way. It has to have the right kind of flavor to make the cut, and really endure. Sound elitist? Too bad!) No, we can't stop when there are so many other sources of entertainment, like the style of a singularly arresting auteur who, unintentionally of course, lends his or her voice to us. When those who follow in such a visionary's footsteps eventually become familiar with their inspiration's rhythm and pacing, we know that PtR has a new dialect.


§ ARGENTINE dialect - created by argentinosaurus777 - We never had a chance. He came from out of nowhere, and vanished just as quickly. What happened in between, however, is the stuff of legend. Has anyone ever shown more CAPS LOCK love? Has anyone ever loved Argentina's sport figures with as much passion and esprit de corps? Has anyone ever defended their heroes this well, against a group who wasn't ever thinking of attacking them?

As much as PtR heaps love on Manu, how could we have expected to be set straight with such defiance, such large letters, such disregard for anything approaching the assumption of innocence. argentinosaurus777, you may never know just how willing we were to agree with you, but no matter; we thank you for your style. And we claim it for our own.

Many people have tried on the somewhat angry, just a bit stream-of-consciousness, lower-case-dismissing dialect we call ARGENTINE. As you can see here, Hipuks is one of the more exceptionally talented practitioners you'll run across in these parts. More examples are welcome.

Style distinctions: Exclusive use of CAPS-LOCK; slightly discombobulated and angry; conversation sprinkled with Argentine sports figures names; spaces are often omitted before or after punctuation marks; random words set off with quotations; run-on sentences predominate.

§ Artest-speak - This post by Ron-Ron after signing with the Lakers has sparked many references to oppenents, but there is more to this dialect than just the one misspelling. BlaseE does his best to translate this tweet here with hilarious results.

Style distinctions: ALL CAPS all the time; periods as the only form of punctuation; possible use of oppenents as a verb; instead of "Yours Truly" use YOUR F*ED.

Stop me if you can, oppenents. If you can't opponents, then I might just keep the ball.

§ physcopops - physcopops knows he's right. And he is undebatably correct, about the one thing (Malik Rose) that no one wants to argue with him about. He's a bit of an angry poster. He bites on J.R. Wilco's sarcastic comment and holds on like a pit bull. This thread is where Lauri's famous maize-based quote was created. The physcopops dialect may be less often seen, but most will grudgingly admit that it lives up to his name.

Style distinctions: Plenty of misspellings (especially comon instead of come on); frequent use of ellipses of varying lengths, capitalization is rare; exclamation points and question marks are always in threes; pet words: freakin, idiot; blogs, when mentioned, are posted for not on.

§BLOLAIR - This dialect is taken directly from DeJuan Blair's Twitter feed. It was named in Cedarpark's Spurs literary Guide fanpost, in which he matched Spurs players to books.

Style distinctions: Multiple and repeated use of LOL; exclamation marks galore; heavy text-speak; frequent use of all caps.


§ rec'd to the ______ - it used to be in vogue to drop something applicable to the comment being recommended after the words "to the". If anyone can find examples, I'd appreciate it.

§ rec'd to the 37th pic - recommended to the pic that brought the Spurs DeJuan Blair. A compliment.

§ "Where the Magic Happens " -- LatinD's feelings about game threads are the stuff of legend. If you joined PtR just after the 2008-2009 season, then chances are that you were welcomed into our midst like this.

§ Hyperizin - Found by lauri. Don't quit your day job, Durant. This was a (thankfully) very short lived advertising campaign which featured Kevin Durant, Mo Williams, Andre Iguodala and Rashard Lewis rapping about ... well, it's not readily apparent (or important) just what the rapping is all about. But those of us who appreciate unintentional humor are thankful for the effort.

§ Five - J.R. Wilco's favorite number - Call it an opinion, if you must, but it is the best number. It's also the number of championships the Spurs are going for, so it has that going for it too.

§ m11g - The system that Wayne and his pre-PtR associates developed in order to swear with impunity. [Editor's note: you'll need this in order to fully decode BAM in the Acronym section.]

§ Reply fail -- the act of creating a new comment when your intent was to reply to someone else's comment. Coined by the little o while he was in the midst of his marathon of inadvertent reply missing.

§ Agreegious - to agree after you've already agreed and subsequently proceeded through the states of agreeder, agreedest, and agreedester. Coined by Big50.

§ Achoo - the little o's attempts to pass along his case of chronic Reply Fail to another user through use of a series of virtual sneezes, in the hopes that he would be free of the malady once it had infected another host. He was eventually successful.

§ cork - A block. Coined by Wayne when translating "tapones" into English.

Hipuks replying to himself -- everybody send me your favorites, and I'll add the links in.

§ however ... - raiderrocker18 made a good point, got us all interested, and then just ended his comment with "however..." LatinD was curious and bemused, but no answer was ever given for what was to come next. Since we couldn't have what we wanted (i.e. an answer to the question "What comes after "however..."?) we gave ourselves the next best thing: a meme based on starting a compelling argument before suddenly stopping. And then that led to some pretty enjoyable group storytelling.

§ Fanshat - past tense of the verb to fanshot; first used by DrumsInTheDeep in the draft thread after the Spurs picked James Anderson.

§ Floved - mashup of effin' and loved; coined by transgojobot.

§ Swedge - mashup of swagger and edge; coined by alamobro, with an assist from CapHill.

Plantar wtFasciitis?

If you're a Spurs fan, you have heard of this condition. It's basically an inflamed muscle (the plantar fascia) and it has been the bane of a few players. Except, it's kind of annoying to spell and most of the time, PtR just makes things up. Like these people:

§ "Plantar faschmitis" - silverandblack_davis

§ "Plantar fascists" - CapHill

§ "Plantar fascimpossibletospellitis" - KA1Z3R

§ "Plutocratic facetious" -transgojobot

§ "Plantar fassyboyah" - JonnyJam

Some people have no idea what the disease is, as Lauri points out.

Some things defy classification. Take Manu: is he South American, because of his birth, or European from his descent and dual-citizenship? Is he the best lefty off-guard of his generation, or a herky-jerky, uncoordinated, injuy-prone flopper? Is he the centerpiece of the team, or just a sixth-man candidate? Is he a turnover machine or an assist creator nonpareil?

He cannot be contained, classified or categorized. He's without precedent, one of a kind, an original ... sui generis -- in a class of his own -- just like these next terms.


§ sarcasmometer (ˈsär-kaz -ˈmä-mə-tər) ('sahr-kaz-'mom-mit-ter) - Understanding the subtlety of sarcasm requires second-order interpretation of the speaker's intentions. This perception has been located by MRI in the right Parahippocampal gyrus; the part of the human brain that was originally called the sarcasm button [J.R. Wilco] then branched into sarcasmo-meter [bella] and sarcasm-o-meter [LatinD] and sarcasm meter [CMoney] before settling into its current form. (An extended discussion is here.)

Are you kidding me? This baby is right off the charts, mm-hai.

§ miracle whipped or second round picked - taken care of. Another phrase created by silverandblack_davis in the first of his EPIC PREVIEWS.

§ Knee-maintenance if I could buy stock in only one practically-unused term that I thought would take off, this gem by Rand would be it.

§ hyperbole cape - It's what Cedarpark wears to deflect future criticisms. Edna Mode would never have said "No Capes!" if she'd known about this one.

§ Whirlwide Liter - A cognomen based on a homophone for the self-styled Worldwide Leader in Sports otherwise knows as the Entertainment and Sports Programing Network. Coined by J.R. Wilco.

§ shy hook - A particularly poignant description of the shot Matt Bonner takes after having been run off the three-point line. Coined by swgeek just a few months after Matty unveiled it at the beginning of the 2009-2010 season.

§ Tony needs to dominate Fisher - In a completely understandable mistake, CapHill, while creating a Game Preview, used a prior preview for a Lakers game as a template, and neglected to delete all of the previous player specific details. As a result, the preview read that one of the keys to the game was "Tony Parker needs to dominate [Derek] Fisher" in a game against the Charlotte Bobcats. Cap has since embraced this particular gaffe, but it's original glory can no longer be seen since Tim C. gallantly edited the page. So all that remains are our references to it.

"do I really have to worry about frist? … it’s not like a lexicon will be created." - bellasa


§ Tim Duncan

GOAT PUFF - Stands for Greatest Of All Time Power Forward - compliments of Aaronstampler. This post also contains some nicknames for old Spurs that are no longer used, but still hilarious (i.e. Mango Tree).

Timmeh - References to this alternate spelling of Duncan's first name go all the way back to 2005. It has gained in popularity over the last year. Other variants include Timmy and Timmay.

Big Fun - An abbreviation of the longest nickname Duncan is known by: The Big Fundamental.

§ Manu Ginobili

The Manu - quack123 referred to Ginobili as the Manu here.

The Sickness - This nick came from the original blogger sungo. It actually started before the advent of PtR.

The Man with No Swagger - The wonderfully descriptive moniker given byjanieannie in one of her fantastic Photo Recaps. Further memorialized bytransgojobot in this otstanding chop.

Obi Wan Ginobili - Based on the excellent chop job done by Ben Ortiz. The nickname has been around the interwebs since the 2005 championship run.

§ Kawhi Leonard

Kawhisenberg - After two plus years in San Antonio, no appropriate nickname had surfaced. And then this happened. Combining the brutal awesomeness of Breaking Bad with the understated effectiveness of # 2 was a master stroke. More like this, please.

Whi - Kawhi revealed that this is the nickname his friends and the team calls him.

The Sleeve - After the Spurs' first "Signature Win" of the 2013-14 season, in which Kawhi frustrated LeBron James into a poor-shooting night while wearing the short-sleeved jerseys. James said, "I'm not making excuses. I'm not a big fan," which (since it sounded exactly like an excuse) led Chris Itz to call Kawhi, The Sleeve, with a semi-tip of the cap to Gary Payton's The Glove nickname.

§ Bili MiNelli

manu ginoBili patty Mills marco beliNelli - When the Spurs added Marco Belinelli in the summer of 2013, and promoted Patty Mills from towel-waving end-of-the-bench guy to backup point guard, Manu got just the help he needed to make the 2nd unit great again. And that's when Bili MiNelli was born. You can blame it on the rain, or you can blame it on the Spurs excellent bench.


§ Marco Belinelli

MIT - Manu in Training.

§ Tiago Splitter

Master Splitter - Via TMNT. Via 1970's TV series "Kung Fu."