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Ginobili vs Dracula

Catch all the drama in PEN's epic thriller.

Chapter 1

In which Ginobilli swats down what seems to be a bat and inspires the wrath of the Prince of Darkness and Beno Udrih warms the wrong bench at the wrong time.

Chapter 2

In which we learn just a little about Pop's playbook and the Dark Prince reunites with his most loyal servant.

Chapter 3

In which we visit the Dark Prince's private court and Pop reminisces.

Chapter 4

In which Tony Parker has bad dreams and Tim Duncan practices his free throws. And Derek Fisher meets the Laker's new owner.

Chapter 5

In which RJ passes out on his front lawn and Jack Nicholson is removed from the Dark Prince's seat.

Chapter 6

In which Dracula's Bride sates her thirst, Pop's plan works, and Kobe thinks back.

Chapter 7

In which we join the Spurs for a serious team meeting.

Chapter 8

In which the Lakers learn the inverted pentagram offense.

Chapter 9

In which Tony Parker has more bad dreams.

Chapter 10

In which Beno Udrih and his companion are guests of the Parkers and Luke Walton expresses a secret remorse.

Chapter 11

In which we join the Spurs on a road trip and we dine with some Lakers at the Cheesecake Factory.

Chapter 12

In which Phil Jackson gives a gift to Dracula.

Chapter 13

In which the Lakers get zen meditated by Dracula.

Chapter 14

In which Roger Mason Jr and Gilbert Arenas dine at the Cheesecake Factory, and Andrew Bynum brags to no one in particular.

Chapter 15

In which the Spurs beat the Lakers at basketball, Dracula's Bride dreams of Manu, and Roger Mason Jr. thinks.

Chapter 16

In which the Spurs stay in a haunted house and Popovich deals with a bad deal.

Chapter 17

In which RJ has bad dreams.

Chapter 18

In which Popovich turns to small ball and RJ gets a bite.

Chapter 19

In which Popovich sobers up, Phil Jackson considers trading up, Roger Mason Jr. misses and Adam Morrison hits.

Chapter 20

In which Tony pounds a rock, RJ disappears, and the game continues even if you leave early.

Chapter 21

In which Mase misses hits, Popovich skips sips, Finley nips and flips, and Tony takes, hobbles and rolls.

Chapter 22
In which mysterious things happen that will not be revealed until later.

Chapter 23
In which Muerto walks la playa, and a player consulates the cards.

Chapter 24
In which Ginobili swats, Dracula spits, and Kobe doesn't know the game he's picked.

Chapter 25
In which games are played in the dark, and Dracula takes in some art.

Chapter 26
In which George Hill watches Manu, Tony Parker can't believe what he sees, and Michael Finley is out of sight (but never out of mind).

Chapter 27
In which we linger at Hacienda Dracula

Chapter 28
In which RJ feels a lot better, and Phil Jackson chews.