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Community Guidelines for Pounding the Rock

Rules & Guidelines

We at Pounding The Rock often tout the class and integrity of the Spurs organization. So that PtR mimics this team that we all love, these are the rules to blog by.

Our Ten Commandments

These rules and their consequences are non-negotiable. Break them and you get a warning (unless you're really that far over the line, in which case you'll be instantly banned). Break them again, and you will be given a timeout. Get that 3rd technical foul, and you are permanently sent to the bench with no hope of seeing the court again. These rules apply to everyone, Spurs fan or otherwise.

1. No racist, bigoted, sexist, violent or otherwise ignorant comments
This should go without saying. We're including all types of ignorant insults under this umbrella, as they have no place near intelligent conversation. If you can't find any other way to make your point then to call someone a "fag", a racial slur, or a derogatory term associated with women (b*tch), find another place to display your unfortunate ignorance to the world. The use of any images or videos that reflect this ignorance will not be allowed either. Images of your favorite actress/actor/model must be tasteful or they will be deleted.

2. No personal attacks
We want lively debate, back and forth arguments, point and counter-point. However, your counter-point should never amount to "you're stupid" or anything like it. Read what Ad Hominem abuse is and then note that it is not allowed here. If you can't refute someone's point without attacking their credibility, stop typing. If you can't stop typing, we will stop the typing for you.

3. No flaming (unless you're a chicken)
When it comes to passionate arguments, especially regarding sports, know when to agree to disagree. If you've stopped using logic, reason, and evidence to win an argument, you should probably just stop arguing and move on. If you would like to continue a conversation that has hijacked a thread, that's what e-mail is for.

4. No excessive swearing
Most everyone likes/needs to swear now and then, especially in Game Threads. Nobody's going to jump down your throat for a WTF or a "F2k that" due to a bad call. However, if you can't make a comment without a swear word, try purchasing a dictionary. The use of originality and creativity with your vocabulary is greatly appreciated.

5. No trolling here or abroad
We most definitely want intelligent and respectful fans from other teams to come join us for spirited debate, witty banter, and light-hearted "sh*t talking". If you try to bait, incite, or stir up trouble, you will be sent to ride the pine. Same goes for when you visit another blog. Don't be a hypocrite, so follow their rules and make PtR proud, as we will also ban people if we get complaints from other blogs.

6. Respect the wishes of the admins and moderators
If one of the admins or moderators asks you to do something, just do it. We prefer self-policing, so if multiple people ask you to stop a behavior, it means it's important and you need to stop. Constant questioning of the rules will not be tolerated and will result in a banhammer. Creating multiple accounts to get around a warning or banning will NOT be accepted either and result in immediate banning of those accounts too.

7. Act as if this site isn't anonymous
One of the main problems with the internet is that people can be an idiot without consequence. If you were to walk into a Dallas sports bar and start yelling "I hate the Mavs!", you'll probably get your ass kicked. On the internet, all we can do is ban you from the site. So, while you don't need to use your real name (your privacy is important to us), at least act on the site as you would in real life, unless you're actually a jerk, in which case just try to be cool.

8. Don't be THAT guy (or gal)
Whether it's saying "first", posting the same comment in multiple threads, misspelling the team's name, using ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME, or always being off-topic, don't be THAT person who annoys the rest of the community. If you're asked multiple times to chill, chances are it's not them; it's you.

9. Bring a sense of humor
The leading form of humor on PTR is sarcasm - a sarcasmometer will be required. So before you get in a huff about someone's comment, please consider that she/he might just be trying to be funny or expressed himself badly. Before you bring out the guns, just ask him what he really meant, without being condescending.

10. Be Excellent to each other
Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Just because a person is rooting for another team doesn't mean she/he is trolling. So don't be a butthead and show respect to everyone. If you see a problem, flag the comment and let the mods know. If a visitor breaks our unwritten rules (calling the game early, typing in the subject line), please be nice.

If we all adhere to these simple rules, we should have an enjoyable gathering place for Spurs fans, and basketball fans in general. We are all here because we love the community. So if you don't like the rules, you'll probably be happier elsewhere.

If you have any questions regarding the Guidelines or PtR moderating, email CapHill.