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Charles Barkley won't back down, and that's fine by me

Dropping all pretense and hyperbole, Travis Hale actually defends Chuck.


On Sunday night Charles Barkley doubled down on his previous statements made about the women of San Antonio. It first appeared that he might deliver a heartfelt apology as the camera closed in, but Chuck out-Chucked us all and defiantly defended his comments.

Some of you people don't like my sense of humor. Here's what I'm gonna say: Turn off your damn television.

During his soliloquy, he also managed to call me an idiot, while confusing a few of the facts. I didn't start this blog, I merely contribute here, but his message was received nonetheless.

I heard that some idiot in San Antonio started a blog.

So, on Mother's Day, Chuck, Kenny and Shaq got in a few more laughs about "big ol' women" of San Antonio and churros. Chuck said hell would freeze over before he apologized.

My response might surprise you: I'm glad he didn't apologize. There's absolutely no reason for him to.

The purpose of my original post wasn't some quixotic attempt to force Chuck to apologize for his words, but rather to point out the hypocrisy in what we consider funny and what we consider out of bounds. On a weekend when Michael Sam's draft position and subsequent kiss is the talk of the internet, and when Donald Sterling once again reared his ugly head, I think it's appropriate that a man's "jokes" about half of the population in my hometown are part of the discussion. Chuck has every right to joke about things he thinks are funny, and people have a right to turn off their "damn television" if they don't agree with him. It's one of the perks of living in America and not some totalitarian state.

And contrary to another popular stereotype, I'm not what most would imagine when they think "blogger."

I'm not a shrinking violet, blogging away about society's ills in my sweat pants. I'm not easily offended and I don't spend my free time searching for wrongs that must be righted. For the most part, I don't care about 99% of the complaints and frustrations that people get worked up over as long as it doesn't impact me personally. Live your life and I'll live mine, having as much fun as I possibly can.

But I will defend my wife and daughter, and the rest of the women of this great city. So Chuck, if you want to sit down over a few beers and not apologize to one another, let's do it. I'll be right here waiting, at this brand new blog that's been around since 2005.

Your non-apology is accepted and appreciated.