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Off the Wall

Reliving Tim Duncan's 53 point game - Part 3

If you think there are way too many oral histories -- exhaustive reports about people and events you don't care about -- then you might enjoy this one, which concerns Tim Duncan doing something cool, and contains no reporting at all

Reliving Tim Duncan's 53 point game - Part 1

There are way too many oral histories being written, and almost all of them are exhaustive reports about people and events you don't care about. On the other hand, this one is about Tim Duncan doing something cool, and contains no reporting at all.

A PtR writer makes good on his All Star promise

Fans across the globe voted Kawhi Leonard into the All Star game. Here's the story of how one of PtR's writers did his part, and then some.

Spurs Wars: The Alamo Awakens

It's time for a Star Wars related retrospective into the world of of Pounding the Rock's playoffs parodies.

Tim Duncan once sang to Brook Lopez during a game

Brook Lopez's older brother Chris recounts a story from 2010 in which Tim Duncan sang a Guns N' Roses song to Brooke during a free throw.

Manu sniffs his shoes, Boris nods and approves

During the Spurs' final preseason game, strange things were afoot on the bench.

Lineup flexibility should be a strength for Spurs

When you have a lot of good players on your roster you can get creative with lineups.

Imagine the most Spurs-y free agent move ever

The Spurs have been unusually out in the open and transparent about their courtship of LaMarcus Aldridge. They sent their starts to pitch him, they traded away Tiago Splitter to make cap room for him. It doesn't seem like them at all. So what would?

A look at the top prospects in the NBA draft

Let's learn some stuff about all these awesome players the Spurs won't be drafting

What's going on in Diaw's latest tv commercial?

San Antonio's resident bon vivant has a great time in his newest television ad.

The curious case of Tim Duncan

- "You're so young" - "Only on the outside."

I predict June, 2016

Here's one fan's guess at what mid-June 2016 will look like for the San Antonio Spurs.

Detailed scouting reports for Game 7 match-up

How many times can I run a joke into the ground? At least 21 times.

The man with no (nick)name

In the vast wasteland of the West(ern Conference Playoffs), one man stands alone against those who would take his gold(en trophy).

Four Spurs release music video as Spuran Spuran

Fans have been waiting all day for this, the debut video from Spuran Spuran.

Featured Fanshot

The Spurs made an 80's band

Can Kawhi Leonard effectively drum with those gigantic hands of his? The reveal of "Spuran Spuran" is going to be glorious.

Dancing Duncan wasn't dancing. Was he?

Just what was Tim Duncan doing when he sat down next to Tiago Splitter late in the fourth quarter of the Spurs' win over the Hawks on Sunday afternoon?

PtR's 5th-Annual Academy Awards Photoshops

Welcome to our nightmares, as PtR's chop-guru, DrumsInTheDeep, inserts some of the Spurs into some of this year's Oscar-nominated films. The results will amaze, appall, and possibly weird you out.

Gary Payton gives a rookie seminar

The NBA Rookie Symposium gives incoming players advice on how to dress, deal with the media, and handle their finances. But what if the NBA had a special presenter give the youngsters some very special on-court tips?

Even a visit from CP3 can't cure ailing Parker

A morbid recap about a group of old men who were at their best a long time ago. Also, there are lots of references to The Cure in it.

Shopping the NBA Store Christmas catalog

Gift shopping for a basketball fan can be difficult. But it doesn't have to be. PtR's resident consumer advocate had prepared this shopping guide to help you navigate the minefield that is this year's NBA Store.

Marco Belinelli stars in a rap video

I'm not sure how much this will improve the Spurs' street cred, but that was some quality head nodding right there.

Patty and Manu are "feuding" on Twitter

Is trouble brewing in the chemistry paradise that is San Antonio? Are the two teammates about to come to blows in reality over their virtual skirmishing? Will social media turn the otherwise excellent clubhouse upside down? YOU decide!

Boris Diaw is more suave than you

Basketball player. NBA Champion. Photographer. Foodie. Oenophile.

"Popovich Next President" bumper sticker spotted

From bumper sticker, to campaign. From San Antonio to Washington D.C. From the AT&T Center to the White House!

Tim Duncan on the cover of NBA2K15?

It has no chance of actually happening in real life, but it's fun to dream.

The Final Letters of Timothy Theodore Duncan

The Duncan War Journal Trilogy draws to a close as the grizzled veteran looks back on a year of battle.

#NBAMusicians, Spurs edition

From a 1960's ukulele-playing, falsetto iconoclast, to early-90's rap posers, to 80's soft rock to hip-hop and funk, the Spurs cover the gamut of musical styles, offering something for everyone.

World Cup Open Thread

Will Messi lead Argentina to a win against the German machine?

Watch as Pop negotiates his contract extension

Don't let the goofy smile fool you. When Popovich counts, people listen.

Tim sets World of Warcraft record (Parody)

What's five time NBA Champion been up to since defeating the Miami Heat in the Finals? Worthwhile, productive things -- mostly.

Patty Mills enjoying summer despite having surgery

Patty Mills had to have surgery on on his shoulder that might keep him off the basketball court for six months. What has he been up to during the offseason so far?