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Spurs Trade Talk

Who is being traded? Was that a rumor? Find out inside.

Even if the Spurs want to trade LaMarcus Aldridge, they won't do it now

Aldridge is reportedly unhappy but unless he forces the Spurs' hands, he'll likely be in San Antonio at least until the trade deadline.

Danny Green to Atlanta for Al Horford doesn't wash

It's either just a rumor, or completely fabricated. Here's why it'll never happen.

3 things we learned from the trade deadline

The Spurs were not involved in trades but the trade deadline still was as entertaining as it's been in years.

PtR's 2015 NBA trade deadline primer

Here's all the information you need about the trade deadline and how it affects the Spurs.

PtR's Spurs trade deadline primer

Al the information you need as the Spurs close in on the trade deadline.

Asinine Trade Thread (Tiago Down edition)

With Splitter down, should R.C. Buford be working the phones trying to get the Spurs another big man?

Spurs interested in Redick, Gibson?

The Woj has reported the San Antonio Spurs have expressed interest in Orlando Magic's J.J. Redick.

DeJuan Blair rumored to be on the trading block

San Antonio Spurs center and miracle to modern medicine, DeJuan Blair is back on the chopping block. Don't get your hopes up too much, though.

Josh Smith rumor, ASW react, & Manu not retiring

Dismissing the Josh-Smith-to-the-Spurs trade rumors, discussing All-Star weekend, dishing Manu's possible retirement -- and more.

Blair on his way out of San Antonio?

The former Pitt Panther's time in San Antonio could be over in the next 10 days.

Will the Spurs trade before the deadline?

Without consulting ESPN's addictive Trade Machine, J. Gomez and Sam Bunnell discuss different trade scenarios, as well as whether the Spurs will pull the trigger on a deal this season.

The Jefferson trade will never happen

At first glance, this seems like a good trade. But when fit and potential cost come into the equation, going forward with it would be one of the least Spurs-like moves ever.

Al Jefferson in San Antonio?

Could the Spurs land Jazz big man Al Jefferson before February's trade deadline?

Does signing Baynes signal another upcoming move?

The NBA's trade season is in full swing, and the Spurs have a few talented guys who aren't currently getting playing time in Matt Bonner and DeJuan Blair. Does that mean that they're actively shopping these two in hopes to improve during the stretch?

Wojnarowski: Seattle owners targeting R.C. Buford

After acquiring the Sacramento Kings, the Seattle group looks to break R.C. Buford from the Spurs.