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Spurs Trade Talk

Who is being traded? Was that a rumor? Find out inside.

Report: The Suns are among teams interested in acquiring Thaddeus Young

After recently joining the Spurs via the DeMar DeRozan trade, veteran forward Thaddeus Young is already garnering interest from opposing teams.

Report: The Spurs are receiving Chandler Hutchinson as part of a five-team trade

The Spurs are now over the roster limit, so clearly they aren’t done yet.

The DeMar DeRozan sign-and-trade is a big win for the Spurs

The franchise needed to move on from DeRozan, and being able to do so while getting a couple of potentially useful players and some draft capital counts as a success.

Offseason Preview: The Spurs should be open to any and all possibilities this summer

Who do the Spurs select at #12? With 50+ million at their disposal who does San Antonio target in free agency? And is this the summer where the front office finally makes some trades?

Four potential landing spots for DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan should have plenty of suitors this summer if he decides to move on from the Spurs.

Possible Trade Up Scenarios for the Spurs

The Spurs will likely stay put at 12th, but if they decide they want to move up, they could have the assets to make it happen.

What to make of the rumor that Murray and White are “gettable” from the Spurs

This sort of rumor comes up every year, so is there much to it?

Possible Trade Down Scenarios for the Spurs

The Spurs don’t typically make deals during the draft, but if they are looking to trade down, there might be a few takers.

Oddsmakers have Spurs among favorites to trade for Ben Simmons

Is Simmons a piece that can help the Spurs move up?

Can the Spurs find their own Chris Paul?

The Suns made the leap by adding an aging star that had been discarded by two teams before landing in Phoenix. Can the Spurs find someone like Paul to complement their young roster?

The Spurs have acquired Marquese Chriss from the Warriors

The Spurs have made their first trade deadline move since 2014.

2021 Trade Deadline: Spurs news, rumors, and opinions

The Spurs have some of the best assets available to potential suitors, but do they even care?

Report: The Spurs have offers on the table for LaMarcus Aldridge

The question is are they worth it for the Spurs to pull the trigger?

What a realistic LaMarcus Aldridge trade could look like

The Spurs and Aldridge have decided to part ways. Now it’s time to find the right deal for the big man. Here are some options.

The Spurs could find it difficult to get much back in a LaMarcus Aldridge trade

The big man could help some teams, but it’s unlikely anyone gives much real value to pry him away from San Antonio.

The more trade rumors the Spurs are involved in, the better

The Spurs seem finally ready to pick a direction and take risks to rebuild their roster, which is a welcomed development.

Rumor: The Lakers are interested in DeMar DeRozan for Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green

The high volume of Spurs trade rumors means something is up.

Analyzing the LaMarcus Aldridge-to-Warriors trade rumor

San Antonio could be looking to move up in the 2020 NBA Draft, but is Golden State a realistic destination for LaMarcus Aldridge?

Pounding the Rock Trade Talk: LaMarcus Aldridge

Discussing LaMarcus Aldridge trades, the future of the San Antonio Spurs, and the NBA Restart with the originator of the Walt Disney World Bubble concept Keith Smith.

The Spurs could be a dark horse destination for Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Spurs won’t likely get the Greek Freak, but their disposable assets and ample 2021 cap room should at least put them in a position to try.

Determining if the Spurs should go after Victor Oladipo or Buddy Hield

The two high-scoring shooting guards are rumored to be on the market and the Spurs could use an infusion of veteran talent. But does a trade for either make sense?

Everything a Spurs fan needs to know about the trade deadline

With the trade deadline approaching, here’s where the Spurs stand.

Report: Pau Gasol requested a trade from the Spurs

Unfortunately they couldn’t get a deal done before the deadline.

The Spurs didn’t improve at the deadline, but their playoff chances did

With some teams below them in the standings either punting the season or striking out and most above them not getting better, the Spurs quiet deadline leaves them well positioned for the final stretch.

Sources: The Spurs are trying to move Pau Gasol

One Eastern GM says the Spurs are "working hard" to part ways with their Spanish center.

Everything a Spurs fan needs to know before the trade deadline

A guide to understanding where San Antonio stands.

Why you shouldn’t expect the Spurs to trade for Anthony Davis

The Spurs, like every other team in the league, should inquire about Davis, but it’s highly unlikely they actually deal for him. Thanks.

What to make of the rumor that the Spurs have “significant interest” in Kristaps Porzingis

If this is real, what would it take for the Spurs to acquire another Latvian?

Trade season officially begins today for the Spurs

Most players who signed this summer can now be moved, but don’t expect the Spurs to make a deal.

How the Spurs fit into the NBA’s current trade market

With some big names hitting the rumor mill, San Antonio’s course should be clear.

If the Cavaliers blow it up, the Spurs should be ready to pounce

Whenever Cleveland is ready to have a fire sale, the Spurs should make some calls.

The NBA is lining up to trade for Kawhi Leonard

The Suns and the #1 pick; the Sacramento Kings with the #2, not to mention everyone living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.