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Spurs Trade Talk

Who is being traded? Was that a rumor? Find out inside.

Everything Spurs fans need to know before the trade deadline

The trade deadline is almost here and the Spurs could be major players if they want to. Here’s everything you need to know.

Report: The Spurs are acquiring Dewayne Dedmon and a second round pick from the Heat

The Spurs are adding some depth at backup center.

What the Kyrie Irving trade to the Mavericks means for the Spurs

The first big move leading up to the trade deadline has been made, but Irving’s situation is too unique to reveal how the market will behave.

Why the Spurs could be the key to any Kyrie Irving trade

The Spurs are the only team left with ample cap room, which makes them the perfect third party to involve in any big trade.

Why the Spurs should trade Jakob Poeltl

Poeltl has been a good Spur, but at this state of the rebuild, trading him makes more sense than keeping him, like the front office is reportedly considering.

Report: The Spurs are demanding two first round picks for Jakob Poeltl

The Spurs are making it hard to acquire their starting center, with an asking price that very few teams would be willing or able to meet.

Report: The Spurs could be interested in keeping Jakob Poeltl

According to Woj, the Spurs are very high on Poeltl and would love to potentially pair him with Victor Wembanyama.

What to make of the Spurs’ latest trade

The Spurs made a small move that was mostly about money but could signal that they are getting ready to make bigger trades.

A Spurs fan’s guide to the NBA trade season

Trade season unoffically starts on Dec. 15 so expect more rumors to start flying around. Here’s all you need to know.

Why the Spurs should consider bringing back Patty Mills

The Spurs need another PG, a leader, and a morale boost. Patty Mills brings all of those without hurting the end goal.

The rebuilding Spurs may have too many veterans

Doug McDermott, Josh Richardson and Jakob Poeltl have played important roles this season, but should a team that is focusing on development lean heavily on players that might not be a part of the future?

The Spurs would have all the leverage in a potential Russell Westbrook trade

The Spurs have what it takes to trade for and waive Westbrook, but what’s in it for them?

Grading the Spurs’ trade of Dejounte Murray to the Hawks

The Spurs move in another direction...

Thread: The latest rumors surrounding Dejounte Murray and the Spurs

As more teams become interested, the Spurs have increased their asking price.

Report: Spurs listening to trade offers for Dejounte Murray, asking for a lot in return

The Spurs are doing their job by fielding calls about their All-Star guard, but a trade seems unlikely.

How the Spurs’ busy trade deadline impacts them financially moving forward

The Spurs should have plenty of financial and roster flexibility moving forward.

The Spurs are finally committing to a real rebuild

With their moves before the deadline, the Spurs made the tough decision to rebuild instead of trying to retool around a likable but limited young core.

Spurs trade deadline day grades

For the first time this century, San Antonio fans get to see what it feels like to support a team that actually makes deals at the trade deadline.

Why the Spurs being quiet heading to the deadline is a good thing

The front office seems to be exploring all options but for now they are only making small, safe moves, which is boring but also the right thing to do at this stage of the rebuild.

The Spurs have traded Juancho Hernangomez for Tomas Satoransky

The Spurs will also receive a second round pick from the Jazz.

The latest trade rumors surrounding Thaddeus Young and the Spurs

The Suns and Timberwolves have been listed as teams the Spurs have been in touch with for their veteran PF.

Report: Jakob Poeltl is drawing trade interest from Raptors and Bulls

Toronto and Chicago could be targeting the Spurs’ starting center in a trade, but do they have the assets required to pry him away?

The Spurs are trading Bryn Forbes, receiving Juancho Hernangomez as part of three-team deal

The first domino of trade season has fallen for the Spurs.

The Spurs could be both buyers and sellers as “Trade Season” begins

Starting Dec. 15, all Spurs will be eligible to be traded. Will they make any moves between now and the deadline?

Report: The Suns are among teams interested in acquiring Thaddeus Young

After recently joining the Spurs via the DeMar DeRozan trade, veteran forward Thaddeus Young is already garnering interest from opposing teams.

Report: The Spurs are receiving Chandler Hutchinson as part of a five-team trade

The Spurs are now over the roster limit, so clearly they aren’t done yet.

The DeMar DeRozan sign-and-trade is a big win for the Spurs

The franchise needed to move on from DeRozan, and being able to do so while getting a couple of potentially useful players and some draft capital counts as a success.

Offseason Preview: The Spurs should be open to any and all possibilities this summer

Who do the Spurs select at #12? With 50+ million at their disposal who does San Antonio target in free agency? And is this the summer where the front office finally makes some trades?

Four potential landing spots for DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan should have plenty of suitors this summer if he decides to move on from the Spurs.

Possible Trade Up Scenarios for the Spurs

The Spurs will likely stay put at 12th, but if they decide they want to move up, they could have the assets to make it happen.

What to make of the rumor that Murray and White are “gettable” from the Spurs

This sort of rumor comes up every year, so is there much to it?

Possible Trade Down Scenarios for the Spurs

The Spurs don’t typically make deals during the draft, but if they are looking to trade down, there might be a few takers.