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Keeping tabs on the Cavs

Spurs make prime time statement in overtime win over Cleveland

Kawhi Leonard scored a career-high 41 points

LeBron James isn't an arch enemy any more

For four thrilling, gut-wrenching years, from the moment he decided to take his talents to South Beach, LeBron James was Public Enemy No. 1 for Spurs fans. He and the Heat were the bullies to overcome. So what is he now?

Another look at the Cavs-Wolves trade & LBJ's role

The Cavaliers are now the favorites in the East, and with the Spurs defending their Western (and NBA) title next year, it makes sense to keep tabs on the happenings north of Akron. Here's a different take on the trade.

Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins? LeBron's no GM

There's no question that Love was the best player in the trade. But is he the best fit alongside LeBron James?

Is Wiggins going from penthouse to outhouse?

It used to be the only time you felt bad for the number one overall pick was when they got drafted by the Clippers.

An open letter to Cleveland Cavaliers fans

A Spurs fan who has seen his team grow up gives advice to Cavs fans on what they can expect

UPDATED: Fraternizing w/the Enemy: Cavs edition

It's another episode of Fraternizing with the Enemy. Next up: Ryan of Fear the Sword and the Cavaliers' topsy-turvy summer.

Spurs vs Cavs season opener? Sure ... in S.A.

If the league wants to match up LeBron James against the Spurs on opening night, why should the Spurs be the ones to travel?

How Popovich and LeBron respond to adversity

They're from different backgrounds, have different approaches, and represent different generations. Their situations and challenges couldn't be more dissimilar. But all the same, there's a mirror image between these two men.

You're welcome, Cleveland

LeBron James is going back to Cleveland. But how did we get here? I'd say it was during the Finals when James saw the way Duncan's career had progressed in his first NBA home.