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Dejounte Murray makes UTSA grad’s day with two shoutouts

Murray reposts UTSA graduate not once, but twice.

Jakob Poeltl on the Spurs’ play-in chase, the art of screening, and getting loud

Poeltl has factored heavily into the Spurs’ success on both ends of the floor. In an exclusive interview, he spoke on things big and small, statistical and intangible, that have contributed to his career year.

Devin Vassell on hitting his stride and breaking the mold

An exclusive interview with San Antonio’s second-year swingman, whose growing two-way game is tailor-made for the Spurs’ new direction.

Why preseason projections seem to annually underestimate the Spurs

Are the Spurs perennially more than the sum of their projected parts? Data analyst (and Spurs fan) Jacob Goldstein has answers for that question and more.

Manu Ginobili talks life post-NBA, Coach Pop, and the price he paid for his bat antics

The recent retiree further confirms what we all suspected: Manu Ginobili is still the best.

The spectacle of Pop and the Spurs versus the Lakers and LeBron

A new era of basketball is underway in LA, and PtR was fortunate to have NBA TV analyst Sekou Smith help us preview the season’s first matchup between the Spurs and LeBron’s Lakers.

Tony Parker and Boris Diaw discuss changing teams and retirement . . . on a sailboat

Watch Tony Parker and Ronny Turiaf join Diaw for his big announcement.

DeMar DeRozan: “I’ve always been a fan of Pop”

DeRozan appeared on ESPN to reflect on the trade and his time in Toronto, and look ahead to his future in San Antonio.

Why the Spurs will never do a full rebuild

The Kawhi Leonard trade provided insight into the way the Spurs’ conduct business and their views on rebuilding.

Gregg Popovich: No timeline for retirement

The Spurs head coach provides a silver lining on the San Antonio’s cloudy day

The Spurs have been putting up with a lot from Kawhi’s group ... for a long time

Michael C. Wright’s appearance with Tom Habestroh’s podcast shed light on the Kawhi Leonard situation

Manu Ginobili on The Vertical Podcast with Woj

A brand new, hour long interview with Manu just dropped today, and it's worth your time -- as rewarding a 60 minute stint as possible.

Erler interviews ESPN broadcaster Mark Jones

On the prep that goes into a broadcast, the difference between working with Jeff Van Gundy and other analysts and what he thinks the Spurs will need to beat the Warriors.

PtR interviews George "The Iceman" Gervin

Renowned for his work on the court, Gervin proves his greatest contribution comes from life outside of the basketball.

Pop calls the Warriors "unsolvable"

In an ESPN radio interview for All Star weekend, Pop spoke candidly about his respect for the Spurs' biggest rival this season.

Kawhi Leonard interviewed on NBA Tip-Off

Why play Duncan tonight?

Tim's sat out 9 of the last 10 games, so what's so important about the Magic?

On Ime Udoka: The making of an assistant coach

A chat with Ime's former coach on the diverse experience and strengths that the 38-year-old assistant brings to the Spurs bench.

Matt Bonner: The NBA's Most Interesting Man

Spurs forward Matt Bonner recently teamed up with a company called Gemr, which is all about collecting. Bonner some really quirky interests, but none better than his collection of championship experience.

Popovich talks about Hammon, Kerr and more

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is notorious for being a reluctant and at times curmudgeonly interview subject. You get him on the right day though, and he can be as thoughtful and engaging as anyone. Tom Tolbert of KNBR 680 caught him on a good day.

LaMarcus Aldridge scouting report for Spurs fans

Now that LaMarcus has decided to play with the Spurs for the foreseeable future, what should Spurs fans expect from him?

Manu: "almost certain" Argentina career is over

A translation of the interview Manu Ginobili gave Argentine newspaper La Nación about the injury that's keeping him from playing for Argentina in the FIBA World Cup in Spain.

Boris Diaw: I will rest when I am retired

In a candid interview with Le Figaro, a daily newspaper published in Paris and founded in 1826, Diaw talks about the FIBA World Cup, the absence of TP, his dream of seeing the 2015 European Championship in France, and his future with Les Bleus.

Meet the guy from $1M-winning Doritos commercial

Make a commercial, win a million dollars. Piece of cake!

Craig Sager Jr has the best stories

On the day before Mother's Day Craig Sager Jr. and I discussed his dad, the Spurs, SEC football and one of the best "partying with Barkley" stories you'll hear today.

An interview with Jimmy Goldstein, basketball fan

In a wide-ranging discussion, Jimmy Goldstein shared his thoughts on the Spurs, architecture, Kobe Bryant, Donald Sterling, Jeff Bridges and Derek Fisher.

Oberto's interview with Pop is fully awesome

Fabricio Oberto visited San Antonio earlier in the year and had a great sit down with Gregg Popovich, talking about Pop's scoring in his playing days, "pounding the rock", foreign players and so much more.

Doris Burke talks to PtR about interviewing Pop

Here's an exclusive interview with Doris Burke, ABC's sideline reporter for the NBA Finals as well as a host of other commentating jobs, as she discusses her more than 20 years of experience as an NBA reporter, and shares what it's like to interview

PtR interviews Twitter's Pelican Pierre

He's quickly become one of the most talked about mascots in the NBA. Perhaps its his ability to terrify children, or his penchant for good whiskey, but Pierre the Pelican is becoming a household name. He sat down with PtR to answer some questions.

What does Tim Duncan think of Boris' play?

In an interview that will almost certainly make you laugh, Big Fun breaks down what Bobo brings to the team.

Bruce Bowen discusses sports, bullying & Incognito

Dr. Andrea Duke touches on the issue of bullying within sport culture, and interviews former Spur Bruce Bowen to hear his perspective.

J.R. Wilco interviews R.J. Mitte of Breaking Bad

This Sunday, one of the most anticipated conclusions of recent television history will begin as the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad air over the next two months. In order to commemorate the event, J.R. Wilco talked with R.J. Mitte for half an