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In The Bonus

NBA Finals preview: How Spurs fans feel about Lakers vs. Heat

LeBron James will try to get his fourth title while the Heat will try to prove that you don’t need superstars to win. Which matchups are the most fun and who are Spurs fans rooting for? The PtR staff discusses.

What the Spurs can learn from the playoffs

The postseason could teach the Spurs some lessons about what it takes to be successful in the playoffs.

Players we wish the Spurs could add

If the Spurs could just steal a player from the teams that lost in the first round, who would it be? The PtR staff make their choices.

The Spurs are out of the NBA playoffs. Long live the NBA playoffs

The PtR staff welcomes a guest to wrap up the season and discuss the postseason.

Who rounds out the starting five if the Spurs go small next season?

There’s too much young talent for everybody to be on the court for tip-off.

What we learned about the Spurs during the bubble

The Bubble Spurs were completely different from the version of the team we saw the rest of the season. But did they teach as anything new about this core? The PtR staff discusses.

Were the Spurs wrong for not going young earlier? It’s complicated

The young Spurs are shining in bubble, but does that mean they should have gotten bigger roles earlier? The PtR staff discusses.

How the Spurs will fare in Orlando

The Spurs won’t likely make the playoffs, so what are the expectations for them when the NBA returns? The PtR staff discusses.

The ex-Spur that’s had the most fun since leaving San Antonio

The PtR staff discusses which current NBA player has been enjoying himself the most post-San Antoino.

Predicting which Spurs might sit out the rest of the season

Several players around the league have made the decision to skip the Orlando bubble. The PtR staff discusses why it wouldn’t be surprising to see some Spurs join those ranks.

The Aldridge-DeRozan era may have come to an end

With the uncertainty surrounding the return of the NBA and the two stars’ contract situation, there’s a chance LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan have played their last game together as Spurs.

The good and the bad about the NBA’s return to play plan

The league voted to continue the season with a new format and in a single city. The PtR staff offer their thoughts and concerns about the approved proposal.

What if ESPN did ‘The Last Dance’ on a Spurs season

The documentary series about the Bulls’ last championship team has fascinated NBA fans. The PtR staff discusses which team in Spurs history would be the most fun to watch through that lens.

The most underrated Spurs of all time

The stars get all the attention, but the Spurs would not have been as successful as they have been without underrated role players.

LaMarcus Aldridge’s absence revealed his importance to the Spurs

The Spurs struggled without Aldridge and immediately improved when he returned. Are there any important lessons for the team to learn about its star big man or the center position in general? The PtR staff discusses.

The Spurs’ lack of center depth has come back to bite them

The Spurs decided to carry just two reliable centers this season but injuries have left them with none. Should they add one using their open roster spot? The PtR staff discusses.

The Rodeo Road Trip has all but killed the Spurs’ dwindling playoff chances

The Spurs went just 2-6 on the RRT. Do they have what it takes to make one last push for the playoffs?

The All-Star game’s ending was fun, but is the Elam ending a gimmick or a great idea?

Rule changes helped make the All-Star game more interesting, but what about using the Elam ending in games that count?

The buyout market won’t save the Spurs

Some intriguing names have recently become free agents, but should the Spurs try to add anyone at this point? The PtR staff discuses potential signings.

The Spurs’ decision to stick with their roster is fine ... for now

The Spurs were one of the few potential West playoff teams that didn’t make a move before the deadline. The PtR staff discusses whether that was the right decision.

The Rodeo Road Trip could doom the Spurs’ playoff chances

The Spurs need wins to keep up with the other West playoff hopefuls, but their struggles on the road might prevent them from getting them anytime soon.

Why the Spurs’ defense falls apart late in games

San Antonio is merely mediocre at stopping opponents early in games but gets downright awful at it in the last two quarters. In this week’s roundtable the PtR staffs tries to figure out why.

DeMar DeRozan is playing like a superstar, but that doesn’t mean he is one

DeRozan has been producing like an MVP candidate lately, but should the Spurs treat him as one and make him their centerpiece?

LaMarcus Aldridge finally shooting 3s could be a game-changer for the Spurs

To everyone’s surprise, Aldridge is extending his range past the three-point line. The PtR staff discusses what it means for the Spurs this season and moving forward.

Why Marco Belinelli is playing over Lonnie Walker IV

The PtR staff tries to figure out the answer to the question that’s been puzzling Spurs fans for weeks.

Is Lonnie Walker the most exciting young Spur since Manu Ginobili

The staff round-table tries to decide whether there’s been a young player in the last 16 years more exciting to watch than Walker or Ginobili.

DeMar DeRozan gets numbers, but he might not be helping the Spurs win

DeRozan is having a productive and relatively efficient season on offense, but does his scoring make up for his other deficiencies?

The Spurs’ poor transition defense has been killing them

San Antonio doesn’t turn the ball over a lot, but that doesn’t mean they’ve limited their opponents’ fast breaks.

The case for more playing time for Jakob Poeltl

Advaned stats don’t like Aldridge. Is that enough reason for Poeltl to get some of his minutes?

What Lonnie Walker’s role should be

In this week’s roundtable, the PtR staff breaks down why the Spurs seem to be at their best against quality opponents, discuss what Lonnie Walker IV’s role should be going forward, and much more.

Marco Belinelli has been fading from the Spurs rotation

In this edition of the PtR staff round table, the discussion is about the Spurs’ rotation tweaks, predicting whether a mid-season trade will come, and more.

Why the Spurs’ offense is still elite

The PtR staff discusses how San Antonio is still scoring at a high level, whether Jakob Poeltl should start, which failed comeback was the most painful, and more.