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In The Bonus

The good and the bad of the Spurs’ offense so far

After an explosive opening night, the Spurs’ offense has displayed the strengths and weaknesses everyone expected it to have. Can the they make tweaks to improve in key areas?

What preseason taught us about the new-look Spurs

With the regular season almost here, let’s take a last look at the preseason’ highs and lows.

What training camp and preseason can tell us about the new-look Spurs

Media Day is gone and preseason is right around the corner. Let’s look at what we now know about the new Spurs and what we will find out in the next few weeks.

The Spurs still have some tough decisions to make in the offseason

The most hectic stretch of the offseason is over, but San Antonio still has to trim down its roster and start thinking about a rotation that makes sense.

What Summer League taught us about the young Spurs

Now that Summer League is over, it’s time to assess how the big names on the Spurs’ roster fared in Utah and Las Vegas.

Grading the Spurs offseason

There might be some small moves coming, but the Spurs won’t likely make any major waves for the rest of the offseason. The PtR staff discusses how the front office has done so far.

What the 2020/21 NBA season tells us about 2021/22

The NBA just finished a fun but atypical season. Will the parity and non-glamour market dominance carry over to 2021/22? The PtR staff discusses.

There should be no asterisk next to this year’s champion

Injuries played a huge part in shaping how the playoffs went, but whoever wins the title should not have their triumph diminished for circumstances beyond their control.

NBA coaches are dropping like flies

Seven teams are without a coach and some big names are now on the market. The PtR staff takes a look at coaching carousel.

The Spurs can learn a lot from the first round of the playoffs

The Spurs are not in the postseason, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be paying attention to what’s been working and what hasn’t in the playoffs.

What to expect from Grizzlies Vs. Spurs

It’s the first time the Spurs will participate in the play-in tournament and their opponent is talented but young. The PtR staff imagines what the matchup will look like.

Tim Duncan’s legacy is secure

Duncan will be remembered as one of the best to ever lace them up, and will stand out even among other members of the Hall of Fame.

The Spurs’ play-in chances are still solid

Despite their five-game losing streak and rough finishing schedule, San Antonio should still make the play-in unless everything goes wrong.

The reasons for the Spurs’ impressive turnaround

Just weeks ago the Spurs were on a five-game losing streak, but have won seven of their last 10. The PtR staff discussed what changed.

Why the NBA’s play-in tournament is so controversial

Not everyone loves the play-in tournament, but do the critics actually have a point? The PtR staff discusses.

The reason for the Spurs’ recent struggles

The Spurs have won just two of their last 10 games, with nine of those coming at home. The PtR staff tries to figure out what’s wrong in San Antonio and if it can be fixed in time to keep the team in the playoff picture.

What Gorgui Dieng can bring to the Spurs

The Spurs added a new center to bolster their depth, but how big of a positive impact can their new big make?

The Spurs’ list of untouchable players could be short

With the trade deadline approaching, most of the roster should be on the table for San Antonio.

It’s time to pump the breaks on Luka Samanic

The young power forward has filled in great in the absence of some veterans, but relying heavily on him going forwards might not be the best idea.

How the Spurs’ forced hiatus could affect their season

A COVID outbreak is never a good thing, but could there be some hidden benefits to not playing for a few days? The PtR staff discusses.

Why the Spurs have played (and won) so many clutch games

The Spurs have seen a lot of their games come down to the wire. But is it a good thing that they are winning in the clutch or a bad thing that they can’t put teams away earlier?

What Derrick White’s return means for the Spurs

Having White back should help the starters, but will also change the rotation to the point where there could be an odd man out.

Why the Spurs are better than expected

The Spurs have been good so far, but have they done enough to change the expectations fans had before the season? The PtR crew discusses the surprises, good and bad, and revisits their earlier predictions.

Breaking down the Spurs’ hot start

The Spurs have exceeded expectations to start the season, but is their success sustainable?

Predicting how good the 2020/21 Spurs will be

As the season approaches, the PtR staff takes a shot at predicting what the strengths, weaknesses and ceiling will be for this iteration of the Spurs.

What Spurs fans can expect from Devin Vassell and Tre Jones

Now that the dust has settled after the draft, the PtR staff takes a look at the picks, and projects how the rookies will fare in the NBA.

DeMar DeRozan just became a great trade asset

DeRozan picked up his option, but will he finish out the season with the Spurs? The PtR staff debates.

The Spurs could be planning to make a big move

There have been plenty of trades already and the Spurs are being mentioned far more often than usual. Is there fire underneath all this smoke?

The Spurs will have to decide between talent and fit in the draft

The Spurs have a crowded backcourt and not a lot of depth at forward, but should that prevent them from going for the best player available if it happens to be a guard?

Determining if the Lakers’ title deserves an asterisk

The PtR staff talks about the success of the bubble and whether championships won under unique circumstances deserve to have an asterisks attached to them.

NBA Finals preview: How Spurs fans feel about Lakers vs. Heat

LeBron James will try to get his fourth title while the Heat will try to prove that you don’t need superstars to win. Which matchups are the most fun and who are Spurs fans rooting for? The PtR staff discusses.

What the Spurs can learn from the playoffs

The postseason could teach the Spurs some lessons about what it takes to be successful in the playoffs.