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Rift? There’s no rift in San Antonio

You may commence over-analyzing at will.

Kawhi slams on Adams, gets Spurs back on track

Kawhi fakes Hayward out of his jersey

Simmons with a dunk you've never seen from a Spur

Needs to be seen to be believed.

Kawhi swishes a half-court shot like it's a layup

In Las Vegas for the US Men's National team, Kawhi shows off his touch from 47 feet.

Watch: Tim Duncan's late game block

Manu Ginobili delivers perfect pass to Patty Mills

The game wasn't much fun to watch for Spurs fans, but Manu Ginobili dropped an all-time great pass in this one.

Manu Ginobili's circus shot against the Clippers

You HAVE to see this brilliant finish from Manu Ginobili.

Patty Mills' best plays of the playoffs

In the 20th installment of the "best of" series we'll look at the little Aussie spark plug.

Best of Danny Green's Defense

In Part 18 of the "best of" series we'll look at a little of Danny Green's D.

Kawhi Leonard - Coast to Coast

In the 18th installment of the "best of" series we'll look at Kawhi Leonard take it the length of the floor to get his points.

Tim Duncan's best post-ups Part 2

In the 17th installment of the "best of" series we'll look at The Big Fundamental do work in the post.

Tim Duncan's best post-ups of 2013-14

In the 17th installment of the "best of" series we'll look at the Big Fundamental do work in the post.

Marco Belinelli's best cuts Part II

Last time we looked at some of the ways that Marco gets his open layups and this time we'll look at the relationships between Timmy and Marco and especially Manu and Marco

Marco's guide to fooling your opponent with cuts

In the sixteenth installment of the "best of" series we'll look at the cunning Italian and how he gets so many open looks at the hoop.

Jeff Ayres' best scores of 2013-14

The 15th installment of the "best of" series.

Splitter's best assists from the season Part 2

The second part of the 14th installment from the "best of" series. Much more stellar passing from Splitter.

Tiago's best assists from 2013-2014 Part 1

The Brazilian big man is a gifted passer. Let's check out some of his finest assists from the past season in part 14 of the "best of" series.

Tim Duncan's best playoff scores, Part 2

The top seven Timmy scores from the championship run.

Tim Duncan's best scores of the Playoffs Part 1

Part 13 of the "best of" series

Manu's best buckets of the playoffs part 2

The second half of Manu's top playoff scores.

Best Manu Ginobili scores of the Playoffs: Part 1

Part 12 of the "best of" series features El Contusion working his magic.

Tony Parker's best scores from the WCF and Finals

In part eleven of the "best of" series we'll look at some more playoff scores from the Wee Frenchman.

Boris Diaw's best scores of the Playoffs

Part 10 of the "best of" series.

Kawhi Leonard's best playoff plays, Part 2

The conclusion to Kawhi's best playoff plays.

Kawhi Leonard's best plays of the Playoffs Part 1

In part nine of the "best of" series we'll look at Kawhi Leonard: All-world defender, 23-year-old superhero, NBA Finals MVP.

The best Tony Parker assists from the postseason

Part Eight of the "best of" series. Let's look at some of the nicer dimes from Tony.

Tim Duncan's best blocks of the Playoffs

In Part Seven of the "best of" series we'll take a look at some of Big Fun's playoff blocks.

Tony Parker's best scores of the first two rounds

The Wee Frenchman is one of the best finishers in the league; he's fearless, highly skilled, and he still routinely makes his defenders look slow. Here's his best scoring plays of against Dallas and Portland.

The best Manu Ginobili assists of the playoffs

Part five of the "best of" series, featuring one of the most inventive passers in the game.

The best Matt Bonner plays of 2013-2014

Part Four of the "best of" series.

The best Boris Diaw passes of the playoffs

Part three of the "best of" series.