Timmy on the cover of SI.


Timmy on the cover of SI.

Wojnarowski extolls the virtues of old school Duncan


I know Wojnarowski is not super popular around here, but this is a mostly positive article for a change. Very nice.

Kawhi Leonard finishes 4th in ROY balloting


Not an easy feat for a rookie on a contending team but the fact that he started the majority of games for this team probably had an impact.

The San Antonio Spurs aren't boring


Kevin Arnovitz takes a look at the Spurs most used set: Motion-Weak. Most Spurs fans know it by heart but it's an interesting read nonetheless. If you enjoy breakdowns of Spurs sets and want to understand the Spurs' offense better, make sure you visit this blog from NBA Playbook contributor Joon Kim.

Grantland - Ending the Argument: Rust vs. Rest


Bill Barnwell takes on the myth of rest being bad for teams in the playoffs. Also, former Toros coach Quin Snyder does NOT look happy on the Lakers bench.

My birthday cupcake from my lovely wife ;)


My birthday cupcake from my lovely wife ;)

Bucher: French evolution


Heh, Ric Bucher's been showin' some love to the Spurs lately.