The #GreatDebate: Kobe vs. Duncan on Fanvana


Tune in to Fanvana at 12 PM PDT today (7/15) as Spurs & Lakers experts debate Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan's careers.

Aldridge on the River Kawhi


I hear it has a dramatic ending.

Popovich... With Children


Popovich photoshopped on married with children couch

Beautiful Venn diagram about the state of the NBA


Easy to take a quick look at where each team stands. Spurs are an offensive outburst away from being one of the most balanced teams in the NBA.



another drawing of a spur. while i'm not as good as mrs erler, i'd really like to make this a bit of a collection. let's see how i do in the future. drawn with samsung galaxy note 3 cellphone on the autodesk sketchbook app.

kawhi dunk


did a simple sketch drawing to post my first ever fanshot. will try to draw and post more in the future. :) looking forward to knowing more spurs fans. :)

Spurs Coyote Original Crocheted Plush!


Check it out! My mom has recently gotten into crafting Amigurumi and designed and crocheted this awesome Spurs coyote from scratch.

Gregg Popovich as Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy


The amazing @dav_mcg (DrumsInTheDeep_ is at it again, combining the terse and often monosyllabic Spurs coach with the vocabulary-challenged superhero.