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Discussion Starters

Finding a balance between experimenting for the future and taking the next step forward

The young Spurs are struggling badly right now, so when is the right time to try something new?

A dispatch from the Spurs’ wide-eyed present

And a plea to our future selves: no spoilers, please.

More than one thing can be true about the Spurs’ Point Sochan experiment

A list of points, facts, and assumptions, presented with minimal commentary.

Five Spurs trades that were the most painful for fans

No one likes to see fan-favorites traded, even if it works out for the better in the end.

Players we wish had made it with the Spurs

Not every player succeeds, but sometimes it’s it hurts more when certain ones don’t make it.

Projections, comparisons and other thieves of joy to ignore along the way

As expectations start to swell in San Antonio, fans would be well served by compartmentalizing the noise and enjoying the small steps and long process ahead.

Renaming NBA Award Trophies after Spurs

No Spurs were represented in the release of new NBA trophies, so we’re changing that.

Point/Counterpoint: Winning is Good vs. Winning is Bad

A balanced look at the Spurs’ 9-18 start.

Five things we got right and wrong about the 2021-22 Spurs

In some ways the Spurs were who we thought they would be, and in others they surprised.

The Spurs have a new king of plus/minus

Hilariously, Keita Bates-Diop leads the Spurs in on/off numbers despite having very unimpressive counting stats.

Coming up with a new name for the AT&T Center

The Spurs home arena will be called something else next season, so here are some new ideas.

The Spurs’ depth is largely theoretical so far

The absences of a couple of starters has exposed the fact that while the Spurs have a deep roster filled with specialists and promising youngsters, they don’t have reliable depth yet.

The young Spurs are carving a new identity around unity, defensive intensity and chaos

While the 2021-22 Spurs don’t have your typical head of the snake, they do possess a group of young, multi-tooled players and a year 2 system built around high activity and randomness.

What the lack of a contract extension means for Lonnie Walker and the Spurs

The Spurs and Walker unsurprisingly failed to reach a contract extension agreement, but that’s not a bad thing for either side.

Grievance Power Rankings: My team just waived its first-round pick

A look at this week’s Luka Samanic news through a variety of lenses, depending on how miffed you are.

Winning isn’t the only way the Spurs can make this season a success

Determining what it would take for the 2021-22 season to be be a success for the Spurs.

Determining which veteran addition will make the biggest impact for the Spurs

Doug McDermott will help, but Thaddeus Young could be a key cog for San Antonio’s rebuild.

NBA Execs see Keldon Johnson as a possible breakout candidate for the 2021-22 season

KJ’s time with Pop and Team USA could end up being an extra valuable experience, according to multiple NBA execs.

A pair of Spurs named Top 100 players for the 2021-22 NBA season

Player rankings are coming out ahead of the 2021-22 season, and Dejounte Murray and Derrick White received some love.

Farewell to DeMar DeRozan, undeniably flawed and unquantifiably a great Spurs star

DeRozan’s time in San Antonio comes to an end, his three years defined by ample criticism and middling success. To appreciate his contributions, words must do what numbers can’t.

Possible Trade Up Scenarios for the Spurs

The Spurs will likely stay put at 12th, but if they decide they want to move up, they could have the assets to make it happen.

Can the Spurs find their own Chris Paul?

The Suns made the leap by adding an aging star that had been discarded by two teams before landing in Phoenix. Can the Spurs find someone like Paul to complement their young roster?

The Spurs should try to find the next Julius Randle in free agency

San Antonio won’t likely have a shot at the top players in free agency, so focusing on finding young ones who are ready to blow up could be worth it. But are there any available?

It’s time for the Spurs to embrace a less conservative approach to team building

The Silver and Black are at an organizational crossroads, and this offseason could set them on course for years to come.

DeMar DeRozan and the San Antonio Spurs’ offseason

This summer is integral for PATFO, but the DeMar DeRozan decision reigns supreme.

The Spurs have lost their clutch gene

The Spurs were great at pulling off late-game wins early in the season, but since the All-Star break they’ve really struggled in the clutch.

Whenever LaMarcus Aldridge and the Spurs got on the same page, the story changed

The Aldridge Era was defined by doggedness and compromise in the face of circumstance and perpetually bad timing.

What a realistic LaMarcus Aldridge trade could look like

The Spurs and Aldridge have decided to part ways. Now it’s time to find the right deal for the big man. Here are some options.

The Spurs may struggle to find minutes for Devin Vassell

With the G-League not being a convenient option and the roster almost at full strength, keeping Vassell from being glued to the bench could prove challenging.

Determining if Lonnie Walker IV can become the second-unit playmaker the Spurs desperately need

How the third-year guard is making strides as a passer and why his immediate development could play an important role in San Antonio's longterm plans

The case for starting Devin Vassell while the Spurs are shorthanded

With Derrick White likely out to start the season, the Spurs could have a hole in their expected starting lineup that the rookie wing could fill in nicely.

Should a Spurs lottery pick still get the Austin treatment?

When should an organization that doesn’t skip steps reconsider its development approach?