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Discussion Starters

Farewell to DeMar DeRozan, undeniably flawed and unquantifiably a great Spurs star

DeRozan’s time in San Antonio comes to an end, his three years defined by ample criticism and middling success. To appreciate his contributions, words must do what numbers can’t.

Possible Trade Up Scenarios for the Spurs

The Spurs will likely stay put at 12th, but if they decide they want to move up, they could have the assets to make it happen.

Can the Spurs find their own Chris Paul?

The Suns made the leap by adding an aging star that had been discarded by two teams before landing in Phoenix. Can the Spurs find someone like Paul to complement their young roster?

The Spurs should try to find the next Julius Randle in free agency

San Antonio won’t likely have a shot at the top players in free agency, so focusing on finding young ones who are ready to blow up could be worth it. But are there any available?

It’s time for the Spurs to embrace a less conservative approach to team building

The Silver and Black are at an organizational crossroads, and this offseason could set them on course for years to come.

DeMar DeRozan and the San Antonio Spurs’ offseason

This summer is integral for PATFO, but the DeMar DeRozan decision reigns supreme.

The Spurs have lost their clutch gene

The Spurs were great at pulling off late-game wins early in the season, but since the All-Star break they’ve really struggled in the clutch.

Whenever LaMarcus Aldridge and the Spurs got on the same page, the story changed

The Aldridge Era was defined by doggedness and compromise in the face of circumstance and perpetually bad timing.

What a realistic LaMarcus Aldridge trade could look like

The Spurs and Aldridge have decided to part ways. Now it’s time to find the right deal for the big man. Here are some options.

The Spurs may struggle to find minutes for Devin Vassell

With the G-League not being a convenient option and the roster almost at full strength, keeping Vassell from being glued to the bench could prove challenging.

Determining if Lonnie Walker IV can become the second-unit playmaker the Spurs desperately need

How the third-year guard is making strides as a passer and why his immediate development could play an important role in San Antonio's longterm plans

The case for starting Devin Vassell while the Spurs are shorthanded

With Derrick White likely out to start the season, the Spurs could have a hole in their expected starting lineup that the rookie wing could fill in nicely.

Should a Spurs lottery pick still get the Austin treatment?

When should an organization that doesn’t skip steps reconsider its development approach?

NBA players shouldn’t be shouldering all that’s now expected of them

While lauding the players’ amplified voices and admirable efforts, we shouldn’t ignore the greater forces that brought us here, as well as the role we can all play.

The Spurs’ youth party could become a crowd

The young guys have all shined in their own ways, but is there too much overlap in how they can fit alongside one another in the long run?

Spurs who have the most to gain in Orlando

San Antonio faces long odds of snatching up the 8th seed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways its players can benefit from time in the Bubble.

What it means when Gregg Popovich speaks

The Spurs coach has become one of the most prominent voices in sports on social justice and the state of the country. There are a variety of unique dynamics at play whenever he speaks out.

A pandemic through the lens of the NBA

On Wednesday, NBA fans watched in real time as the league reached its awkward and inevitable inflection point.

Dejounte Murray still has much to prove as franchise point guard

Murray’s contrasts make him unique, but his shortcomings as a playmaker have limited team success and kept him off the court in crunch time.

Stephen Jackson thinks Tim Duncan should be the Spurs’ next head coach

He has that championship mentality.

Why the Spurs can’t afford to stand pat.

The Spurs must use this season to build towards the future.

It might be time for the Spurs to rebuild

San Antonio has three options: improve, trade to get better, or rebuild.

James Harden’s missed dunk needs a name

In their 135-133 double overtime win over the Rockets, the Spurs’ fortunes looked dim, but swung on a breakaway dunk that wasn’t scored. So let’s give it a name.

What it means when a former Spur thrives on a new team

Davis Bertans’ hot start in D.C. has prompted some valid questions about how he was used and valued in San Antonio.

Potential cures for what’s ailing the Spurs

After winning 4 of their first 5, the Spurs find themselves amid a 3-game losing streak and with a tough road ahead. Here’s a holistic look at what’s gone wrong and what could help the team get back on track.

The myth of ‘The San Antonio Spurs System’

There are a lot of misconceptions people have about what exactly goes on in San Antonio.

The Most Indispensable Player for each of my Western Conference playoff teams

What would happen to the West’s favorites if they lost their most indispensable player?

There won’t be tokenism, because there’s never been any

Pop’s next ejection will likely come with a familiar fury, historical precedent, and its share of cynics. Don’t let them take away from the moment.

Spurs fans shouldn’t fret about Trey Lyles’ supposed aversion to practice

An old take has some fans on the fence about the newest Spur, but there’s no need to worry.

San Antonio’s Big 3 era: The NBA may never be so stable again

A Spurs fan grapples with the realities that today’s free agency rules force on the league’s franchises.

A Spurs fan’s preseason ranking of the Western Conference

Predicting which teams will make the playoffs in the West, including the Spurs (unlike some projections).

Las Vegas predicts the Spurs will make the playoffs...barely

Finally someone who believes in the Spurs! Kinda