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Stern's "substantial sanctions" on the Spurs

David Stern and his antics against the coaching decisions of the Spurs

Friends, Spurs Fans, Pounders - Lend me your ears

Performing Julius Caesar, David Stern (playing Brutus) after giving a stirring speech condemning the actions of Gregg Popovich, has left the dais. J.R. Wilco (playing the role of Marc Antony) steps forward to make his own address...

A links grab of posts on Stern vs Spurs

A sampling of articles from news outlets from around the nation decrying David Stern's anti-SA tantrum, including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBC, New York Post, Yahoo News, New York Times, Forbes (rec'd), Miami Herald, and many, many more...

The Popovich Mindset: Thoughts on Miamigate

Want to know why Gregg Popovich does the things he does? Take a peek behind the facade with a guided tour through the brain of the Spurs' coach, led by a devoted Popovich-watcher.

The Declaration of Spurs Independence

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one franchise to dissolve the bands which have connected them with an Association ...

NBA drops the hammer on Spurs

Calling it a "disservice to the league and our fans," the NBA has fined the San Antonio Spurs $250,000 for sending four players home prior to Thursday night's game against the Miami Heat.

NBA has fined the San Antonio Spurs $250k

The NBA has passed down the judgement of "substantial sanctions".

Pop sends Big 3 home early: Fourth Estate erupts

Gregg Popovich decides to rest the Big 3 in front of national television audience, and naturally very few are happy.

Stern: "Substantial sanctions forthcoming"

No official sources other than TNT have seen or heard this quote anywhere else. SUBSTANTIAL SANCTIONS!

Report: Big 3 + Green are back at home

Pop resting the big 3 (Parker, Duncan, Ginobili) and Danny Green tonight versus the nationally televised game versus the Miami Heat.