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Creative Offerings

Pop's Press Conference

An imagined audience with the press for Gregg Popovich

Jordan Came Down to San Antonio

Jordan Came Down to Texas- Air Jordan 2012 (With apologies to The Charlie Daniels Band"

The Device: Part 2

The second installment of the serialized story The Device, by DewNo and JRW.

Nate McMillan and The Diet Soda: A Parable

Blazers coach Nate McMillan learns that nothing is sweeter than the real thing, provided you can get your hands on it.

PCL: Academy Award Extravaganza 2012

New Pop Culture Lesson: Academy Award Extravaganza 2012, where the Spurs and the Oscars meet DITD's insanity

The Device: Part 1

DewNo returns to PtR with his first installment of a fictitious story about an injured Manu Ginobili and how an invention changed the course of ... everything.

How Bill Plaschke taught me that I'm the best writer in the world

How Bill Plaschke taught me that I'm the best writer in the world

The Hardest Call for Refs to Make

The most difficult call for NBA officials to make isn't the Charge/Block as many think. What is it? The answer will surprise you.

PCL: MoneybalLIN'

MoneybalLIN' -- a new Pop Culture Lesson from DrumsInTheDeep

Carmelo Anthony: "Defense Is Hard!"

Carmelo Anthony discusses the difficulty of playing defense in the NBA. (Fake news story)

Guess When Manu Comes Back - Win stuff

Guess When Manu Comes Back - Win stuff

PCL: Carpal, Princess, Sandwich, Spy

New Pop Culture Lesson: Carpal, Princess, Sandwich, Spy

PCL: Midnight in San Antonio

Midnight in San Antonio: A new Pop Culture Lesson

You're a Sly One, Popovich: Annual Tradition

A Christmas tradition: You're a Sly One, Popovich. Here's our parody of Dr. Seuss' "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch," as an ode to the Spurs' head coach.

PCL: Timmy's Impossible Mission

It's a new PCL (Pop Culture Lesson) -- this time, the Spurs sub in for the spies in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Steve, Lies, and Videotape

The fictional, behind-the-scenes story of why the Spurs signed Steve Novak only to waive him four days later.

David Stern: translated

Thanks to a new feature by Google, David Stern's true meaning behind his recent letter to the fans is revealed.

NBA Lockout through Shakespeare's words

Take a few NBA bloggers, cancel some preseason games, stall negotiations to the point that the feds step in, throw in an off-hand quote from a 400 year old play and what do you get? Parody

David Stern Funding Attempts To Clone Retired NBA Players

David Stern funds cloning of ex-NBA players.

Popovich And The Far Off Place, Part 3

FInd out what Coach Pop's been up to during the NBA Offseason (fiction)

Gilbert Arenas Caught, Grounded For Sneaking Into NBA Lockout

Gilbert Arenas' hijinks look to have him in dutch again. But this time, the teen's recklessness have ensnared his fellow schoolmates. Will they get off scot-free, or be grounded once again?

Ginobili Initiates Lawsuit Against Apple Over Incessant Autocorrect.

Popovich and The Far Off Place, Part 1

Part 1 of Popovich's fictitious off-season journeys, Memphis TN to San Antonio TX to Big Spring TX to Hobbs NM.

Spurs Lose to Grizzlies, and All is Well

Spurs fans rejoicing after a loss to the Grizzlies? Well, they have a very good reason; 3 in fact.

"Spursfan" is the new insult

An Avatar is worth a thousand words

Ice for Dyess

Ice for Dyess: The coolest Detroit-related thing since Rasheed left Horry alone in game 5 of the '05 Finals

The NEW Odd-Numbered Year Theory

The NEW Odd-Numbered Year Theory: Order out of chaos. Where does this season fit in the Spurs' championship series?

SiMA's Random Thoughts: Volume 1

SiMA's Random Thoughts: tackles Billups, the rash of trades, the big market/small market question, Dallas' performance and Duncan's haircuts of the past.

What's in a Name?

What the story behind your username on PtR? Hirschof tells his and wants to hear yours.

PtR Freebie Contest: NBA Jam for iPhone/iPod Touch (Only; Not iPad)

PtR Freebie Contest: NBA Jam for iPhone/iPod Touch (Only; Not iPad)

Shooting 100 3's

What does it feel like to shoot threes like an NBA player? You ought to know. You just made 94 out of 100.