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The Disney Spurs are shorthanded, undersized and refreshingly unpredictable

A four-guard starting lineup. Less DeMar DeRozan. Drew Eubanks. The Spurs are giving themselves a puncher’s chance at the postseason by reinventing who they are on the fly.

DeMar DeRozan has taken a timely backseat in Orlando

The lone Spurs star who made the trip to Orlando, DeRozan’s willingness to accept a smaller role is giving San Antonio’s youngsters the chance to stretch their legs.

The Spurs veer towards a reset in their Disney restart

Conditions seemed ripe for experimentation and an emphasis on development in Orlando, and the Spurs’ opening scrimmage only affirmed that.

What to expect from Luka Samanic in Orlando

Samanic will probably get a chance to show his enormous potential in Orlando, but expecting him to excel right away might not be realistic.

Dejounte Murray’s leap as a shooter may be sustainable

If Murray proves his improvement as a shooter is real, the Spurs’ future will be bright.

Handicapping the Spurs’ 2020 draft picks, ver. 1.0

A pre-lottery look at the college and international prospects the Spurs may select with their two picks.

The Spurs’ best players are dropping like flies

San Antonio keeps losing rotation players to injury at the worst possible time.

Hopefully Trey Lyles won’t become the Spurs’ next Bryn Forbes

Lyles has stepped up his production with the other bigs out with injury, but nothing he does this year should guarantee him a role next season.

The DeMarre Carroll Affair is becoming a black eye for the Spurs

The mere thought of DeMarre Carroll playing for the Spurs seems far-fetched, and that points to serious problems.

The Spurs’ late collapse vs. the Hawks, in their words

After fumbling away another lead down the stretch, this time at home to the Hawks, a frustrated Gregg Popovich and his players offered some insights and telling soundbytes about how it all went down.

The Spurs have turned their offense on its head

LaMarcus Aldridge is taking a step back on his jumpers and helping propel the Spurs into the modern era as a result. In their own way.

How the 2020 draft class could impact the Spurs at the trade deadline

The Spurs have several veteran players that could generate interest before the trade deadline, but the uncertainty of the upcoming draft could affect trade discussions.

Rudy Gay is looking like himself again

Gay is playing with more effort and finally hitting his three-pointers, which is an encouraging sign for a Spurs team that desperate for his versatility.

Dejounte Murray’s playmaking hasn’t caught up to the rest of his game

Murray’s defense and rebounding are already great and his scoring is progressing — but creating for others...

Finding a working theory of DeMar DeRozan, three-point shooter

The Spurs guard has shown he can take and make the long ball. What could keep him from abandoning it again, like he did last season?

What’s behind the Spurs’ three-point shooting woes and where they go from here

Three of last season’s shooters are in a serious slump. Can they recover and save the season?

Why DeMar DeRozan is having his most efficient season on offense

The Spurs’ throwback guard is shooting less threes than ever while putting up career-best true shooting and effective field goal percentages. Here are some reasons why.

What the Spurs’ starting lineup change means for the team

Moving Dejounte Murray to the bench in favor of Derrick White may shore up the problems with the starting unit, but it only raises questions in the short term and future.

The Spurs are caught in the middle of too many crossroads

San Antonio always seemed to do a good job of juggling the future and present while keeping its eclectic casts of players in the air too. But this season...

The Spurs are betting on Dejounte Murray

After missing all of last season with an ACL injury, Murray has a new extension, the keys to the Spurs’ offense and three Hall of Famers in his ear all game long.

Progress the Spurs’ players could make this season

We can expect players to continue to develop their games next season, but what upgrades are realistic and which ones could make the biggest difference?

What to expect from the Spurs in the Las Vegas Summer League

Taking stock of the summer Spurs Summer League performance

The Spurs can be major free agency players in 2021, if they want to be

A team that has routinely operating close to the cap and spent the last two years regaining its balance will be able to boldly define itself in 2021. What might that look like?

How the Spurs are using the G-League to develop their 1st round draft picks

The Spurs are developing their prospects in Austin, not San Antonio.

Handicapping the Spurs’ 2019 draft picks

Beyond the first few picks, predicting who goes where in the NBA Draft is a crapshoot. Somehow, we cracked it.

What 4 points in 9 minutes means for the Spurs’ future

Using San Antonio’s last game as a lens to analyze their summer and next season.

What we learned from the Spurs series against the Nuggets

The series against Denver confirmed some strengths and revealed some issues to address in the offseason.

Why the Spurs’ adjustments worked in Game 6

Game 6 was proof that adjustments help, but luck and talent are just as important.

The Spurs need more from Rudy Gay

Gay needs to be productive for the bench to stop struggling.

The more the Nuggets focus on stopping Derrick White, the better

If Denver makes it their mission to stop White from going off again, DeRozan and Aldridge could feast.

Watch: Breaking down every play from Derrick White’s big night

...and there are a lot of them.

Derrick White’s even-keeled play is required for the Spurs to upset the Nuggets

To be their best, the Spurs will count on the young guard’s tone-setting defense and ability to counterbalance LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan on offense.