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Why the Spurs offense could take a step back next season

A transformative offseason in San Antonio led to the departure of key veterans, leaving behind a number of statistical gaps and a group of young players ready to step into bigger roles. Here are some numbers on what we can expect.

A flow chart determining who the Spurs will take in the 2021 NBA Draft

Graphic design is my passion.

The biggest factor in the Spurs’ offseason isn’t the draft or free agency

With plenty of cap space and a lottery pick, PATFO head into a potentially pivotal offseason with a chance to define the team’s identity and direction. That begins with how they view themselves right now.

Why Jalen Johnson could be the missing piece to the Spurs’ young core

The 19 year old freshman out of Duke may be one of the most disputed prospects in this years draft class, but in a summer where the Spurs have a fresh slate, Jalen Johnson could be their home run pick at #12.

What the Spurs can learn from Trae Young’s torching of the Bucks’ defensive scheme

The Bucks got torched by Trae Young for playing the same pick-and-roll coverage the Spurs use. San Antonio should take it into account when reshaping the roster this offseason.

Devin Vassell’s rookie season should have Spurs fans excited

Even in a small role and in the strangest of seasons, Vassell showed enough upside to inspire optimism about his future.

Analyzing Dejounte Murray’s offensive breakout and how he can make another leap

Dejounte Murray has been one of the most improved players this season, but what does he need to work on to make another offensive leap?

Derrick White has become the volume shooter the Spurs needed

San Antonio’s lack of outside threats has practically forced White to play off the ball more, and he’s starting to thrive.

Drew Eubanks simply wasn’t ready

Timing is everything, and Eubanks getting a big opportunity before he was ready was bad both for the Spurs and potentially his career.

What DeMar DeRozan exploring free agency could mean for the Spurs

DeRozan wants to explore his options, but that doesn’t mean there’s no chance he returns to San Antonio.

Not trading DeMar DeRozan was the right decision for the Spurs

For now, it makes sense for the veteran wing to remain in San Antonio. For now...

A deep dive into Jakob Poeltl’s overall impact

Jakob Poeltl has developed into a top 10 defensive player in the league, but how much does his offense limit his overall impact?

What could make Luka Samanic the most important player on the Spurs’ roster

Spurs fans are right to be ecstatic about the progress of the young big man, since his development could play a key role in the next step of the youth movement.

LaMarcus Aldridge is a huge defensive liability for the Spurs

Aldridge has served the Spurs well in the past as a starter, but his defense has deteriorated to the point that a demotion to the bench makes sense.

The Spurs’ second unit is the main reason for their success

The Spurs have one of the best benches in the league, which has carried them through slow starts and bad performances by the starters.

What we know about the Spurs at the season’s quarter pole

The Spurs have been a pleasant surprise in their first 18 games, but now the challenge will be to maintain that level going forward.

The Spurs have a transition defense problem

Like most young teams, the Spurs often struggle with getting back on defense in an orderly manner.

What the James Harden trade means to the Spurs

It’s the end of an era for one of San Antonio’s division foes and a monumental shift in the league’s power balance that will affect the Spurs.

Lonnie Walker IV and Keldon Johnson’s next areas to improve

The two young wings are already valuable rotation players, but if they could address a couple of specific weaknesses, their ceilings would be instantly raised.

How the Spurs can use Bubble Ball’s chaos to find their new order

Faster pace and fewer plays may be the team’s best path to a brighter future. Expect a few bumps along the way.

In ways big and small, the Spurs must reinvent themselves

The fiesta jerseys shouldn’t be the only dramatic change to the Spurs experience in 2020-21.

Jakob Poeltl’s contract sheds light on what the Spurs may be doing

As the front office juggles all that 2021 cap space and a glut of interchangeable pieces on the perimeter, the Poeltl re-signing lends some structure to their vision.

What we’ve learned from 2 years of LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan

A retrospective on the numbers and takeaways as San Antonio approaches a likely third (and final?) year with both players on the the roster.

A flow chart determining who will the Spurs take in the 2020 NBA Draft

There’s a number of ways the Spurs may go with their first-round pick this year. If you know the thought process they’ll bring to draft night, the rest is easy.

The Spurs need LaMarcus Aldridge to do more with less

Another big man has already left a blueprint for how Aldridge’s game can continue to evolve and suit the Spurs’ future.

Keldon Johnson has been a Restart revelation for the Spurs

Making the most of opportunity and his team’s new focus on development, the rookie wing has earned a role and consideration as a 2019 draft steal.

The Disney Spurs are shorthanded, undersized and refreshingly unpredictable

A four-guard starting lineup. Less DeMar DeRozan. Drew Eubanks. The Spurs are giving themselves a puncher’s chance at the postseason by reinventing who they are on the fly.

DeMar DeRozan has taken a timely backseat in Orlando

The lone Spurs star who made the trip to Orlando, DeRozan’s willingness to accept a smaller role is giving San Antonio’s youngsters the chance to stretch their legs.

The Spurs veer towards a reset in their Disney restart

Conditions seemed ripe for experimentation and an emphasis on development in Orlando, and the Spurs’ opening scrimmage only affirmed that.

What to expect from Luka Samanic in Orlando

Samanic will probably get a chance to show his enormous potential in Orlando, but expecting him to excel right away might not be realistic.

Dejounte Murray’s leap as a shooter may be sustainable

If Murray proves his improvement as a shooter is real, the Spurs’ future will be bright.

Handicapping the Spurs’ 2020 draft picks, ver. 1.0

A pre-lottery look at the college and international prospects the Spurs may select with their two picks.