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Why the Spurs' defense was a disaster last season

The Spurs had the right ideas but simply didn’t have the personnel to execute their defensive system.

What defines as a “good” defensive quarter for today’s Spurs

It was once holding opponents to 22, according to Pop. With the Spurs defense having seen better days, a serious investigation into what that new standard might be.

Tre Jones’ best weapon has failed him this season

After looking lethal last season, Jones’ floater has been inconsistent this year, which could be a problem since he’ll need that shot to reach his full potential.

The Spurs’ rookies are finding their footing by playing to their strenghts

Jeremy Sochan, Malaki Branham and Blake Wesley have all showed skills and tools that could make them key pieces going forward.

Keldon Johnson is struggling to be the first option the Spurs need him to be

Johnson is doing his best to adjust to a much bigger role, but so far it seems he might be better off in a smaller one in the future.

The most maddening part of the Spurs’ slump

It’s one thing to be bad on defense. It’s another to watch a Pop-coached team not even know how to rotate.

The Spurs’ poor transition defense is an inflection point

A look at the numbers and factors behind San Antonio’s porous transition D.

The Spurs are a different team when they can run

The scoring explosion against the Lakers was the latest reminder that for the Spurs’ offense to be competitive, getting buckets early in the shot clock is a necessity.

Jeremy Sochan is already the wild card the Spurs were looking for

San Antonio’s still just scratching the surface on how to leverage the rookie forward’s IQ and unique versatility.

With milestone season underway, Spurs’ history serves as diversion and north star

The team’s 50th anniversary will be a year-long celebration of past successes as much as an admission of what it takes to repeat them.

Preseason Cower Rankings

Which teams are best positioned to battle San Antonio for a crack at Victor Wembanyama to start the year? What meetings may swing lottery odds the most?

The Spurs reset the timeline, in earnest

Trading your franchise point guard isn’t meant to be popular or easy. In their most deliberate move of the post-Kawhi era, the Spurs turned their star guard into a trove of assets and begin moving towards a new future.

A flow chart determining who the Spurs will take in the 2022 NBA Draft

After 3 years we may just have this down to a science.

Spurs player review: Dejounte Murray’s leap into stardom might speed up San Antonio’s timeline

Murray became an offensive force and a leader for the Spurs, cementing his place as part of the foundation going forward. Now the front office has to find the right pieces to put around him.

Spurs player review: Keldon Johnson’s impressive growth continued, but some questions remain

The young forward made a big leap as a shooter and now has a perfect complementary skill set on offense, but his ceiling and defensive potential remain unclear.

Spurs player review: Jakob Poeltl was indispensable on both ends

The big man anchored the defense like he was expected to, but he also showed more versatility on offense, which helped mask his lack of range and elite athleticism.

Spurs player review: Devin Vassell showed he has a high floor and untapped potential

Vassell did a good job as a role player for the 2021/22 Spurs, but can he be more than that? His third year should offer some answers.

Spurs player review: Josh Richardson was the perfect glue guy, but his future might be elsewhere

Richardson made plenty of fans in San Antonio in a short amount of time, but the veteran might not fit the rebuilding Spurs’ timeline going forward.

Spurs player review: Doug McDermott was solid, but not impactful

McDermott is a consummate pro who helps in specific ways, but he doesn’t move the needle, which makes him a questionable fit for a team like the Spurs.

Spurs player review: Lonnie Walker IV lived up to his potential, at least for a while

Walker came alive after the trade deadline, looking like a potential Sixth Man of the Year candidate, but questions about his consistency remain.

Spurs player review: The idea of Josh Primo was more exciting than the reality

The rookie showed flashes of potential, but couldn’t really contribute reliably when given the opportunity later in the season.

Spurs player review: Zach Collins was worth the wait

Collins only suited up for a fraction of the team’s games, but when he played, he proved the front office was right to take a chance on him.

The Spurs’ offseason may pivot around the power forward position and how they define it

Last season’s positionless style propped up some strengths and exposed roster flaws. Upcoming moves will depend on how they reconcile that trade-off and view their identity moving forward.

Spurs player season review: Tre Jones was predictable, in a good way

Jones performed exactly like the solid traditional backup point guard he is, but his skill set could become redundant in the future.

Spurs Player season review: Keita Bates-Diop was solid, but showed little upside

Keita Bates-Diop did what he was asked to, but didn’t really show the ability to eventually earn a bigger role.

Spurs Player season review: Jock Landale showed flashes but lacked consistency

The rookie center overcame a bad start to claim a rotation spot, but couldn’t keep it.

Keldon Johnson raised his ceiling by raising his floor

Instead of becoming a ball-dominant offensive threat like originally planned, Johnson became the best version of himself and in the process made a big leap as a player.

Devin Vassell is a perfect fit on the Spurs’ starting lineup

Vassell’s promotion should help the team on both ends while also speeding up his development.

What to expect from the Spurs’ new additions

Tomas Satoransky, Romeo Langford and Josh Richardson are Spurs now. Here’s how they fit and what they have to offer.

What Zach Collins imminent return means for the Spurs

After months of waiting, the Spurs finally have Collins available. Now it’s time to see how he can help them.

The Missing Shot From the Spurs Playbook

There’s one play the Spurs have trouble both running and defending. How can they address it?

Why the Spurs’ pick-and-roll defense is a problem

The Spurs have the personnel to make their conservative coverage work well, but they’ll need to fine tune the execution and come up with variations to keep opponents guessing.


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