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Victor Wembanyama’s offensive growth is insane for a rookie

Wemby can already defend and catch lobs, but his improving handles and court awareness is taking him to another level.

NBA: Orlando Magic at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

In no small part thanks to his height, it’s no surprise that defensively, Victor Wembanyama has taken the NBA storm. He leads the NBA in blocks, and his presence alone is enough to deter many would-be shooters. However, he came into the NBA with some very notable offensive weaknesses, but while he is still a work-in-progress on that end, he’s already showing some incredible in-season growth for a rookie.

Thinking Basketball recently made another excellent video breaking down his offensive game and where he has improved far, such as ball handling and court vision. The growth of his teammates has also helped, as they are learning to just throw the ball towards him and he’ll find it, and of course we all know that starting Tre Jones and moving Zach Collins to the bench has done wonders to open up the offense for Wemby.

Be sure to give it a watch when you have ten minutes, and after a few “down” games (by his standards) last week, hopefully three days of rest and the cedar-free air of South Florida will lead to more big performances this week!