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Keldon rocked a Sochan shirt at Friday night’s game

Spurs are enjoying each other’s company on and off court

During Friday night’s telecast, Keldon Johsnon — who was not dressed out for the game — was seen sporting a t-shirt with an image of Jeremy Sochan. And not just any picture, a photo from the H-E-B Creamy Creations commercial. You know. The one that has been airing featuring Victor Wembanyama, Devin Vassell, Sochan, Keldon, and The Coyote.

Jeremy’s raspberry truffle inspired do made it from the commercial onto a t-shirt.

My question is — are these shirts available? Or did Keldon have his specially made?

Can we expect to see Sochan wearing Keldon’s Neapolitan image? Or Vassell decked out with Wemby’s sherbet?

With four, there could be a great series of short options. Obviously, the solo headshot shirts would be instantly popular items. But what about one of the four of them.

The choices are endless.

And it all started with the “Stand Out” H-E-B spot.

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