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Victor Wembanyama secures his first Rookie of the Month award

After three long months, the rookie finally gets recognized for his on-court dominance. 

Orlando Magic v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

It took three months, but Victor Wembanyama finally clinched his first Rookie of the Month award. The NBA announced the honor for the Western Conference, while the title for the Eastern Conference went to Brandon Miller. This recognition was well-deserved for Victor, showcasing significant improvement throughout January.

His recent on-court growth and increased production have made him a favorite for the Rookie of the Year award, as suggested by Vegas odds.

On Wednesday night, Victor was asked about his reaction to the loss against Washington on Monday, suggesting that it almost brought him to tears. The rookie promptly interrupted the reporter, disagreeing with the assumption. It was a moment where Victor expressed a side of himself rarely seen, strongly contesting a reporter’s interpretation.

In another noteworthy clip from Tuesday night, Jamal Crawford praised the Frenchman.

The legendary God Shammgod expressed excitement witnessing Wemby’s moves against Rudy Gobert. However, he wasn’t surprised, knowing that the rookie had dedicated considerable effort with dribbling coach Time Martin last summer.

Adding to the excitement, here’s a fascinating stat that places him in the company of NBA elite players, despite playing significantly fewer minutes.