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Victor Wembanyama is eclipsing Mutombo’s blocks and Curry’s shots

The rookie has outdone both legends’ rookie numbers in two very different areas.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Has there ever been a player that couldcombine the shot-blocking prowess of Dikembe Mutombo with the shooting of Steph Curry? It might sound unimaginable, but Victor Wambanyama is on his way to doing just that. Surprisingly, the Spurs’ rookie has surpassed Mutombo’s shot blocks and outscored Curry in three-pointers over their first 31 games.

This stunning statistic adds weight to the initial premise surrounding Victor’s entry into the league. LeBron James labelled him an “alien” and a phenomenon unlike anything witnessed before. The rookie’s performance places him alongside two of basketball’s elite; even two as different as a Congolese 7-footer, and the greatest shooter of all time.

What’s even more astounding is that Victor achieved this feat while playing 333 minutes less than Mutumbo and 88 minutes less than Curry. His limited playing time has been a deliberate strategy, prioritizing his long-term health. Victor himself acknowledged the approach, addressing his restricted minutes in a recent post-game interview:

“I’ve learned to overcome the frustration of my minute restriction. My body needs time to adapt to the demands of the season. I’m keeping my focus on the long-term goals.”

The rookie sensation is rewriting the rulebook, showcasing skills that push the boundaries of what’s considered possible on the court, with this achievement the latest milestone on his way.

Despite the official record, there have recently been suggestions that Wemby might be taller than originally reported. In a video where he stood side by side with 7’1” Rudy Gobert, the height contrast appeared more significant than just a two-inch difference. Adding to this, Giannis weighed in on Thursday with praise, asserting that the rookie is taller than 7 feet 3.5 inches:

“He plays the right way, plays to win. I’ve never seen anything like him,” Antetokounmpo said following Thursday’s game. “I don’t know how tall he is, he’s not 7’3. He’s way taller. Whoever says he’s 7’3, that’s a lie...The sky is the limit as long as you work hard and keep on having a positive attitude towards the game. Everything he dreams of is going to happen for him.”

Despite the minute restriction in the recent games, the rookie’s shooting performance has been impressive. His stats over the last five games highlight his ability to find efficient scoring opportunities that he struggled to create early in the season. It anppears that the increased presence of Tre Jones, is making Wemby’s life easier.

Clips like these showcase Victor’s competitiveness.

Happy birthday, Tre Jones, thanks for making Vixtor’s life on the court a bit easier.