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What Victor Wembanyama would tell his 10-year-old self

On his 20th birthday, Victor Wembanyama reflects on his past and his future self. 

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Following the exhilarating game on Thursday night, Victor Wembanyama faced a probing question from a French reporter on his 20th birthday: “What would you say to the 10-year-old Victor, and where do you envision yourself in another decade at 30?”

It was a deep question to tackle, especially after a draining dual against the Greek Freak. Despite this, Victor responded after a moment’s pause, delving into an intriguing answer.

He expressed satisfaction in achieving numerous goals and dreams over the past decade, finding delight in his journey thus far.

As for the future, Victor deliberated about the next 20 years as a second chapter, one where he aims to make every moment count just as significantly as the first two decades of his life. He concluded his response with a confident nod to the reporters, reaffirming that:

The rookie exudes pride in his present position, embracing a life without regrets. His evolution both as a person and a basketball player has been remarkable. This reflective attitude isn’t new; Victor had previously offered a similar reflection in his recent Nike “Once a Year Interview”.

What’s certain is that Victor is poised to make the upcoming 20 years count, fully unleashing his potential and dominating the court. It’s as if he’s entering his second act, his twenties, and given the glimpse we witnessed during Thursday night’s spectacular performance, it promises to be a sight worth seeing.