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The epic Battle of the Freaks: Greek vs. French

Victor Wembanyama’s dominance and competitive edge were on full display Thursday night. 

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

The nationally televised spectacle in San Antonio on Thursday night has left many of us speechless this Friday morning. The world witnessed the epic matchup between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Victor Wembanyama, a showdown I’d like to refer to as “The Battle between the Greek Freak and the French Freak.”

Credit goes to Kevin O’Connor for coining Vic as the “French Freak”. It’s fitting because what the Frenchman does nightly is out of this world.

Wemby is evolving into a force on the court, showcasing a fierce competitive nature. Following Thursday’s game, when asked about his competitive spirit in light of Thursday’s announcement about the Rookie of the Month award going to Chet Holmgren (again) and the All-Star voting results, Wemby claimed that

Victor has a major chip on his shoulder, exuding an inner Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant energy, which I personally love. It was evident on Thursday night when the rookie ignored Giannis following the final whistle.

Our young talent is maturing rapidly with his growth as a player extending beyond his competitiveness; he’s displaying impressive leadership for someone his age. Following Tre Jones’ missed game-tying corner three, Victor rushed over to cheer him up.

Get ready, NBA. The coming decade is set to be owned by the French Freak, poised to become the face of the league, on and off the court.

Before Wembanyama’s incredible block on Giannis in the final minutes, the two-time MVP managed to outmaneuver Wemby with a body drive, scoring an and-one layup.

This makes the subsequent block even more impressive, showcasing the rookie’s ability to learn from the Greek Freak’s prior moves and counter with an amazing defensive play.

Also, the photo capturing the block is absolutely incredible.

This clip demonstrates Victor’s exceptional off-ball movement, where he beats Giannis for an easy dunk.

Rob understands the sentiment of Spurs fans, recognizing that it won’t be the last time a Spur misses a chance to feed Wemby for an easy dunk.

Wembanyama’s actions off the court reflect his character as a winner. He made a special gesture for a fan, creating a moment they’ll cherish forever.

These numbers are backing up Wemby’s defensive dominance in the paint.

Should the Spurs consider a 10-day contract for him? His abilities might fulfill the Spurs’ recent search for sharpshooters.

Lastly, Spurs fans have reason to be optimistic about the remaining January schedule. Favorable matchups could lead to more wins.