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What the Spurs got Victor Wembanyama for his birthday

The rookie welcomes a new starting point guard, which fans hoot to bolster his performance.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Today marks a milestone for San Antonio’s rising basketball sensation, Victor Wembanyama, as the young rookie celebrates his 20th birthday. The Spurs added a touch of fun to their practice session, with teammates cheerfully wishing him a happy birthday. Amidst the lighthearted atmosphere, there was a playful moment when teammate Jeremy Sohan, mindful of the recording, almost played a prank on the Frenchman by attempting to pants him.

However, let’s take a pause from the festivities to acknowledge Victor’s remarkable achievements during his teen years.

His success in France was undeniably impressive and not merely a stroke of luck. Despite a lack of significant wins to showcase, Wembanyama has had a stellar rookie season, setting numerous records for teenagers in the NBA.

On this special day, Victor might be showered and spoiled with gifts. Yet, the most significant present he might receive is this: The Spurs are contending with some injury woes, leading fourth-year guard Tre Jones to secure his first start of the season.

Their limited on-court time together this season has seen Tre and Victor establish an impressive chemistry. Wembanyama notably benefits from having a pass-first guard orchestrating plays from the point, resulting in highlight-worthy moments such as this:

Statistically validating the on-court synergy, Jones has logged 309 minutes playing alongside Wembanyama this season, elevating the team’s net rating to +3.58 with an impressive 114.8 offensive rating according to PBP Stats. Tre has also delivered 24 assists to Victor, averaging one assist every 12:52 minutes of play—leading the team in this aspect. Devin Vessel follows with one assist every 18:27 minutes, trailed by Keldon Johnson at 20:20, Malaki Braham at 24:15, and lastly, Jeremy Sohan at 34.41 minutes.

Overall, the steady guidance of a natural point guard bodes well for the Frenchman. On this special birthday night, anticipate an array of alley-oops from Jones to Wembanyama when they face off against the Milwaukee Bucks.

After witnessing Wemby’s incredible one-legged three-pointer magic, when will he replicate this wild play in the NBA?

Remarkably, Wemby achieved this stat in nearly half the games played compared to other teens.

The fierce race for Rookie of the Year has been an intriguing journey for Victor Wembanyama. Yet, I find myself pondering: how pivotal will the Spurs’ final record be in placing him within contention?

In the ongoing rookie race, Victor falls short to Chet for the second consecutive month in the battle for the Rookie of the Month award.

But here’s a little something to consider...

Lastly, on the voting front, there’s ground to cover: Wemby currently holds the 8th spot for All-Star voting in the Western Conference frontcourt.