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After the Shammgod: The next move Victor Wembanyama may debut

The rookie revealed the origin of the move and hinted at more to come in the future.

Minnesota Timberwolves v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

For many NBA enthusiasts, San Antonio Spurs center Victor Wembanyama’s maneuver against Rudy Gobert last weekend has long been known as a Shammgod. The roots of this move trace back to street ball legend God Shammgod, who mastered the mesmerizing dribbling sequence. This move has become quite popular in the NBA, with many players — including Manu — using it.

However, the origin of the move has raised some questions. During a TNT interview on Tuesday, Wembanyama revealed that in Europe, it’s not known as the Shammgod; instead, many refer to it as the “Bodiroga,” named after the Serbian basketball star Dejan Bodiroga from the 1990s.

According to several European players, Bodiroga was the first to execute this sequence of movements to create separation from the defender. If you’re unfamiliar with Bodiroga, he’s the player that Luka Doncic’s grew up idolizing.

In addition to shedding light on the Shammgod’s origin, Wembanyama hinted at possibly unleashing the next great move on the NBA court. When Jamal Crawford asked if he would ever perform the shake and bake, the rookie promptly responded with a “Yes!” claiming to have practiced the move since his youth.

Considering the astonishing possibility of a 7’4” giant executing such a move, it seems mind-boggling. However, given Wembanyama’s skills, it’s not far-fetched. Sooner rather than later, the rookie might showcase this move, making Jamal Crawford proud.

The full video featuring Victor Wembanyama and Connor Bedard is now available! Wemby mentioned that he reached Bedard’s current height of 5’10” when he was just nine years old.

In early January, Wemby was overlooked for the Rookie of the Month award when it went to Chet Holmgren. Undeterred, he declared every game as a statement and has consistently delivered outstanding performances since. What can we anticipate if he’s overlooked for the all-star game?

Wembanyama’s determination mirrors that of other NBA greats, and it seems nothing short of amazing is on the horizon for this young man.