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Victor Wembanyama ends his last game as a teen with a splash

Wemby’s final game as a teenager was one to remember. 

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night marked Victor Wembanyama’s final game as a teenager, showcasing his trademark “WOW” moments. The game highlighted feats that most NBA players can only dream of achieving, notably his one-legged three-pointer from the top of the key.

Although luck might have played a role in this incredible shot, it wasn’t his first attempt at such an audacious move. Last season in France, he surprised spectators with a one-legged floater beyond the three-point line.

However, these low-percentage shots might not align with the preferences of the San Antonio coaching staff for the rookie. Despite the success of this three-pointer, the focus remains on refining shot selection and improving conversion rates. Nevertheless, witnessing the rookie attempt such shots suggests growing comfort and confidence at the NBA level.

His confidence peaked in the fourth quarter when Wembanyama took matters into his own hands, entering the game defying the coaches, despite being under a minute restriction of 24 minutes. This move indicated his frustration, which was even more evident in his post-game press conference.

He promptly acknowledged his mistake, openly stating that the decision was his own, separate from the coaches. Throughout this season, Victor and coach Pop have maintained a positive relationship, making this hiccup unlikely to escalate into a bigger issue. They’re expected to discuss the matter and swiftly move forward. Considering Wembanyama’s age, occasional actions like these are typical and shouldn’t overshadow his tremendous maturity.

Here is a fun thread to make light of the minute restriction situation.

Wembanyama showcased remarkable shot-making skills during Tuesday night’s game in Memphis, leaving some standout highlights worth noting below.

The first highlight features a thunderous dunk, that even prime Shaq would find it challenging to block.

Another impressive moment was Wemby’s midrange play. He displayed decisive decision-making, swiftly catching the ball, taking a single dribble, and executing a flawless pull-up midrange shot. His increasing decisiveness bodes well for his offensive prowess, especially given his ability to shoot over any defender!

In a memorable play, Ja Morant experienced the ‘welcome to Wembanyama’s paint’ treatment on his very first drive.

Despite facing a block from Wembanyama, Ja remained undeterred, continuously attacking throughout the game, eventually resulting in an impressive slam dunk.