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How Victor Wembayanyama’s ever-changing body impacts his three-point shooting

Wemby has been impressive from deep in recent weeks, suggesting he’s turned the corner. 

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, Victor Wembanyama delivered yet another outstanding performance, showcasing his clutch abilities against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The rookie seized control of the game, sinking a three-pointer over fellow Frenchman Rudy Gobert, pushing the Spurs ahead by five with just 1:55 remaining. Wembanyama’s recent prowess from beyond the arc has left many impressed, leading to speculation that he may have turned a corner.

Over the last eight games, Wembanyama has been shooting threes at an impressive 37.5% rate while attempting five per game. When questioned about his newfound proficiency in long-range shooting during the post-game interview, he provided intriguing insights.

He emphasized his increased confidence in taking such shots, attributing his improved performance to a newfound comfort with shooting the ball. Wembanyama revealed that, for most of his life, the constant changes in his body made it challenging to consistently shoot well. Examining his remarkable growth spurt during his teen years, it becomes evident that adjusting to his evolving physique presented difficulties for the rookie.

For the first time in what feels like forever, Wembanyama is, in theory, done growing, providing him with greater ease in shooting the ball. This, coupled with an increased amount of time spent on the court, has played a significant role in his recent shooting success. While it’s easy to get lost in analytics when analyzing a player’s improvement, the reality is often simpler—Victor has grown accustomed to his current size, making shooting threes a more natural and fluid part of his game.

What Luka Doncic and Joel Embiid accomplished last week was impressive, but The Coyote outshone them with his remarkable bat-hunting skills, preventing a potentially prolonged delay in San Antonio on Saturday night.

On this Monday, let’s extend our best wishes to Coach Popovic on his birthday. We’re fortunate to have one of the greatest coaches guiding the Spurs. Let’s revisit the old-school look with those extra-long shorts in style.

Have you ever witnessed a 7’4” shammgod?

Well, now we have, thanks to Wemby’s former u13 basketball coach, Karim Boubekri. After the game, the rookie explained that Karim was the one who first taught Victor these moves when he was a teen.