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The best bits from the Spurs’ comeback road win over the Wizards

Wemby and Sochan are neighbours on alley-oop street.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs are trending in the right direction: Their net rating in 2024 is around neutral, which means they have been playing more like a .500 team than the .190 team they still are on the season. Granted, January’s schedule has been kind to the Spurs, and next month’s schedule won’t be as kind, with the Rodeo Road Trip taking place from 8 to 25 February.

Last night’s game against the Wizards turned out to be a nailbiter, with the Spurs relying on a late fourth-quarter comeback to beat the Wizards. Marvin Bagley III, who, since being traded to the Wizards, has looked like the number two pick he once was, gave the Spurs’ bigs all sorts of problems around the boards – the absence of Domnick Barlow could be felt in this one.

However, the Spurs managed to prevail, and it wasn’t just the usual suspect that made the win possible. Jeremy Sochan was Mr. Efficiency last night, converting eight of his eleven field goal attempts. Some of them were hard-fought post-up points in the paint, others weren’t exactly effortless either, but – thanks to the help of his frontcourt partner – Jeremy made them look like they were.

Speaking of Jeremy’s frontcourt partner, Wemby wasn’t just in the mood to throw some lobs, he also caught quite a number of them. Any basket he scores around the rim makes me happy. It also makes me happy he has cut down on the off-balance mid-range jumpers. Anyway, here are some Wemby alley-oops:

Wemby is living around the rim, on defense even more than on offense. And 28 minutes of Wemby are good for how many blocks? No less than six, and here’s my favorite of them:

Devin’s shot selection in January hasn’t always been spot-on, but he’s been getting back into his groove, going four out of eight from deep against the Hornets and four out of six against the Wizards last night.

Still, Devin could notch it up a bit in terms of aggression, like he did here:

For the game’s most ferocious dunk, please see the full game highlights. Hint: It’s from this guy who had that to say after game:

Finally, the full game highlights: